34 Weeks


Time until due date: Five weeks and change!

Weight: Still gaining like an ox. Midwife still does not seem concerned. Right now I weigh approximately 20 pounds more than my husband. How many women can say that? Don’t be jealous, ladies.

Contractions: I’m having lots and lots of ’em.

Sleep: Still elusive. Especially when certain dogs decide it’s a good idea to bite my toe at 3 a.m. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Beaker.

Nursery: It’s coming along! Crib, built. Changing table built. Tim is planning on putting together the glider and bookcase today. The Fish already has so many books—I love it. I’ll be sure to post some nursery photos once it comes together a little more.

New developments: The midwife said yesterday that she thought the baby “might” be breech. Grrr. At 32 weeks the little bugger was head down, but I guess she decided to pull the ole switcheroo. I’ll find out in two weeks one way or the other. If she’s still breech, that likely means either a scheduled C-section or that scary baby-turning procedure. I think I’ll take the C-section, thanks. Anyway, send us some good vibes that she turns her little fish face down. Honestly, I don’t even really believe the midwife anyway since she wasn’t certain, so I’m trying not to worry about it. Yet.

Worries: Preterm labor. My mom had me six weeks early and her only symptom of labor was back pain. Because back pain was a regular pregnancy symptom for her, she ignored it for a day. When she finally went to the hospital the next day, my feet were already in the birth canal. Eeks! Also, my mom and sister had all of their babies 3-6 weeks early, so I could likely go early as well. I’m cool with that, but six weeks is a little too early for comfort. 37 weeks? Totally fine. Although, writing here that I might go early probably ensures that I’m going to go late and have to be induced. Which is another a worry of mine.  Induction scares the crap out of me. But really, I don’t care when she comes, as long as there’s a healthy baby and mama at the end of it!

What I’m looking forward to: Stating the obvious here, but meeting my little girl! I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon.

How I look: Here I am again with my pregnant twin, Susie. She’s at 38 weeks, so she could go at any time now! We were getting some pretty hilarious looks as we waddled to dinner together the other night.