37 Weeks: Weekend “Getaway”

I come to you fully refreshed.

After the old hospital scare, I knew I needed to clear my head. Normally, when I really need to get myself in a better mindset, I head out of town for a quick getaway. But I’m not allowed to travel anymore at this point in my pregnancy, even by car, so my options were limited.

A staycation was definitely in order.

Tim and I booked a room at the Hyatt in Old City, packed our bags and headed out on Saturday.

But first, a surprise! My birthday is tomorrow, so on our way to the hotel, Tim stopped off at my favorite jewelry store, Halloween. The store is amazing: every corner is filled to the brim with sparkly things.

I scored some awesome gold cameo posts.

And a little fish necklace!

Upon arrival to the hotel, we surveyed our room. Undoubtedly cheesy, yet clean and very spacious.

And complete with a view of the city.

As soon as we set our bags down, Tim busted out with surprise number two. Flowers! He smuggled them (and a vase) into the room in his duffle bag.

Next was a trip to the pool.

And yes, I wore a bikini at 37 weeks pregnant. And yes, I’m actually posting a picture of it here. You gotta own it, right?

Post swimming, we ordered room service. Look at that spread. Also, check out those two bottles O’Douls! Hilare.

After that we spent the rest of the night watching TV, reading and talking about how grateful we were to have this one last romantic weekend before our family grows from two to three.

The next day, there was yet another birthday treat in store for me—a massage at a cute spa in Old City.

Then a late lunch at a little garden cafe.

And with that, our Staycation Of Awesomeness was complete.

I came away from the weekend feeling very spoiled, loved and rejuvenated. It was exactly what I needed. I so appreciated the time with Tim, and had I not had that hospital experience, I don’t think we would have been motivated to make the weekend happen. The hospital was good for something at least!

So now I am ready. Ready to face the rest of the pregnancy with a clear head and a calm heart. Ready to meet our beautiful, healthy little girl.

…Whenever she decides to come.

Happy Mother’s Day

Card from Baby Girl.

Well, lookee here, my first official Mother’s Day!

Even though Tim can’t be here with me to celebrate, it’s been a good day. I got a card from my friend Danielle, a card from Tim and a card from the Little Fish. I’m sure she picked that one out all by herself. Several people in the coffee shop this morning wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and I even got an MD shout out from a little girl on a scooter. That was the cutest.

How am I feeling today? Pretty sappy. And grateful. So, so grateful that on this Mother’s Day I am carrying a life inside of me. It’s pretty surreal to think that next year my daughter will be around 10 months old. She’ll probably be crawling all over the place. She’ll have her own distinct personality. I will know her face, her smell and the sound of her voice by heart.

I am also a little sad because my own mom is thousands of miles away from me. To boot, she was not feeling well enough to attend Mother’s Day brunch this morning. But I am also grateful. Grateful that we got to talk on the phone. Grateful that she is here. And grateful that I have a mom who loves me so much.

I’d like to take a moment now to wish a happy day to all the moms, moms-to-be, and moms who are still waiting for their little miracle to be conceived.

A world of love to you all.

Rightwood Update

My mom had a billion tests last week to measure how her treatments were working. And the results are in.

Drumroll please…

1. It was determined that she did not actually have a stroke. All of her symptoms were caused by a bone spur in her shoulder. I’m not sure what a bone spur is, but it’s definitely better than a stroke.

2. All of her tumor markers went down. Again, even after asking my mom, I’m still not sure what a tumor marker is, but I can assure you this is a very good thing.

3. The tumors in her chest and abdomen have not progressed. Halt, bitches!

4. The tumor in her left hip has shrunk. The tumor in her right hip has disappeared. That’s right, I said disappeared.

The only thing that’s not under control yet is the skin cancer, but the doctor’s are not as concerned about that because it’s not life threatening. The next course of action is to do two rounds of chemo pills (to hopefully get that skin cancer busted up) and then go back to the hormone treatments.

How am I feeling right now? Grateful. Grateful to all you for your thoughts and prayers. Grateful to my mom for being such a fighter. And grateful that we got this wonderful news just before Christmas. I couldn’t have dreamed-up a better Christmas present.