Letter To My Littlest Love: Acorns, Stars & Other Things


Dear Little Acorn,

You have many nicknames already, most of them generated by your sister. At first, you were Staircase Ball-Jar, followed by Cupcake Christmas Tree. Your current name du jour is Rocky Stone.

But there’s one nickname that belongs to you and I alone: Little Acorn. There is a story there, of course.

The day before I found out I was pregnant with you, your dad, sister and I were wandering through a boutique near our house. Hanging on the wall was a bright green onesie. I’m partial to crazy, happy colors, so it immediately caught my eye. On the onesie was an illustration of an acorn, and beneath it the words, “I will be mighty.”

Truth be told, I’m a little slow sometimes, so I didn’t immediately get it. “Wait. Why does it say ‘I will be mighty’ with a picture of an acorn?” I asked your dad.

“You know,” he said, “because an acorn starts out tiny and then grows into a big, strong tree.”

Oh. Oh. My heart started racing right there in that store. Because at that moment I knew: that onesie was for you. My little fighter embryo, destined to grow into a mighty oak.

I didn’t buy it, though. After all, I wasn’t even sure I was pregnant. I hoped, oh God did I hope, but I didn’t know. But I promised myself that I would come back and buy it for you if I was indeed pregnant.

Even though I found out the next day that you had decided to stick around, I didn’t go back. I was too scared. It took me almost six weeks to go back and purchase that tiny green onesie. And even then, when I was asking the sales associate about sizing, I didn’t tell her it was for my baby. I pretended it was for another baby, maybe a friend’s baby, or a random nebulous baby belonging to no one.

You see, I was worried sick. And if I’m honest, I still am, most days. (It’s no secret that your mom is a first class worrier. If you ever want to go skydiving or something, talk to your dad.) I feared that my instinct was wrong and that you weren’t a fighter after all, that you weren’t here to stay. That you weren’t mine to keep, not this time.

But you have proved me wrong time and time again. Out of dozens of embryos, you’re the only one that decided my inhospitable body was a fine place to hang out for a while. So far you are surviving and thriving. And just now you kicked me, as if to say, “That’s right, mom. Here I am!”

Yesterday, your sister and I watched a planetarium show. We learned lots of cool things. One of Jupiter’s moons contains frozen lakes with liquid water churning underneath. The hottest stars are blue. If you get lost on a clear night, you can always find your way home by the Big Dipper—it points right to Polaris, the North Star. The sun is so big that it could hold 1.3 million earths.

And even beyond our sun and our solar system, there are infinite stars and planets. An ever-expanding universe—over 10 billion light years that we will never discover.

It seems hard to believe, then, that with all of those things out there bigger and more awesome than we can even imagine, that something so small—an embryo, an acorn, a baby—could even matter.

But you, mighty one, are our whole world.

We are all counting down the days until we can hold you, kiss your new, soft skin, and see the stars in your eyes.


38 thoughts on “Letter To My Littlest Love: Acorns, Stars & Other Things

  1. “But you, mighty one, are our whole world.”

    Yeah, definitely the pregnant girl crying in the gym while reading this.

    I’m so happy for you and excited for the news of your Little Acorn’s arrival.

  2. I love this!! I’ve thought about writing a letter to this little peanut, but I feel like I need to wait until closer to her arrival. I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head, I have no idea how I’ll get them straight. But this is absolutely beautiful. And I love the nicknames your daughter has for the baby!! I love the acorn story, too. I’ll have to remember that one 🙂

  3. So sweet. I love the green acorn onesie, and I love love love your writing about your little one. So excited that you are getting so close to meeting her!

      1. Aw, thanks! Things are going great. Soren just started napping in his crib yesterday, which is freeing up a lot of my time and hands! Maybe I’ll actually be able to write a post during one of his naps!

      1. Hi. I am not too bad. The waiting was okay the first couple of weeks but I quickly started to feel impatient and a few low days soon followed. I can not hurry things on though so I just need to try stay strong, keep busy and count my blessings. 🙂 How are you?

  4. Love this post, love the onesie, and especially love Big Sis’ nicknames! I’d really like to see Rocky Stone stick, cause I don’t see how that *couldn’t* be a badass awesome name come kindergarten 🙂

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