28 Weeks And We Are Still Ok

I’m 28 weeks. Which means I’m in the third trimester. Say what? For some reason it really hit me today that, holy crap, I’m in the third trimester. And then I started crying. Because how did that happen? How did I get this far? I’ve said this every step of the way, but I never thought I’d be here. It’s truly humbling. Currently, the baby is kicking my bladder and I’ve never been so happy to have to pee every five seconds in my entire life!

I’m not going to lie and say my head is screwed on straight and I’m the very picture of calm. I’m still scared, I’m still anxious, but both baby and I are doing ok. We had a 3D ultrasound last Saturday and we saw the little nugget yawning and smiling and sticking her fingers in front of her face. I won’t post any pictures here because I don’t want them to upset anyone who’s having a bad day in Infertility Land. But if you actually want to see alien baby shots of the inside of my uterus, send me an email at theskyandbackblog@gmail.com and I’ll pass some along.

On Monday we had a growth scan and the doctor told us that baby was growing on target. Then on Wednesday I found out that I don’t have gestational diabetes! I was certain I would have it because prednisone raises your risk, but I passed the test with flying colors. In my pregnancy with Lettie I was borderline, so I had to watch my sugar. This time, though, it’s Coke Classic and Sour Patch Kids and gluten free Oreos all the way! Actually, I probably should watch my sugar anyway because I’m still gaining weight like an ox, but….nah. Maybe tomorrow.

So I’m hoping that even though this pregnancy started out in a dramatic fashion, the last third will go smoothly. Please, please, pleeeease.

I don’t have much else to report. Tim is painting the nursery today, which freaks me out, but like we need to do it at some point. We’re going with mint green. I always laugh as I write these update posts because they are so blah. Like you guys care that we’re painting our walls mint green!

I took this week off and we’ve been doing things around the house (today guys are here jack-hammering our basement). But we did take one overnight trip to the Pocono Mountains to visit Great Wolf Lodge. This is basically a hotel with a giant water park inside of it. It was completely insane (think Lord of the Flies), but fun, and most importantly Lettie had a blast. She said it was “a million fun.” I’ll leave you with a few pictures from our trip.

Happy Friday! Love you guys!


36 thoughts on “28 Weeks And We Are Still Ok

  1. Yahoo for third trimester! And you guys are SUCH a photogenic family. And Lettie has the most unreal ringlets. And you look so tiny! And…. breathe deep 🙂 Congrats!

  2. Yay! Third trimester! Look at us both here. Crazy. But it is happening and pretty soon we will be skyping with babies in our arms. Hope you get a nice smooth ride from here xx

      1. He’s super-sweet. 🙂 Well, honestly, he was a little extra-fussy today, but they say the fussiness peaks between 6-8 weeks, and he’s just about there now! But he’s a little love nonetheless — he’s really a great baby overall.

  3. Wow! Third trimester!!! I am so excited for you!!! I have been in awe lately of how far along my pregnancy is (about 24 weeks) and – you are right – humbling is the best word for it! What a beautiful time this is for both of us. Those pictures are beautiful. Lettie’s curls are darling! Congratulations! Soak in the moment!!!

  4. You are such a beautiful family! Third trimester already blimey, so excited for you. I would love to see the 3d pics of the new beauty. 🙂 xo

  5. I feel like I missed most of your pregnancy because dumb WordPress unfollowed you on me…but I’m so glad that you made it to the last trimester and are doing well!! Hope the next weeks go very fast and uneventful for you!

  6. Hurrah!! Amazing news. 28 weeks has flown by!! I like knowing that you’re painting the walls mint green – it’s little things like that that make you more ‘real’ to us far away readers 😄 xxx

  7. Whoop third trimester! Time really has flown! I’m sure I’ve said it before but Lettie is gorrrgeous! The trip definitely looks like a million fun (i’m going to steal that line lol)

  8. Have I never seen your face before? Well, I love it. Love your face. Love your family. Love this post! Love love LOVE.
    Nearly there girlfriend! Woo fricken hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    1. OMG your comment just made me smile from ear to ear! You are awesome. I saw that you posted about your sweet babe, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Must go check that out on the double! Xo!

  9. Lettie’s ringlets are SO freakin’ adorable. Consider me jealous!
    Love this happy update. Needed some of that in blog land today. 🙂 Congrats on making it to 28 weeks!

    1. Aw, thanks girl! I always feel weird posting happy pregnancy news in case someone struggling is reading, but you are right, it is nice to read something happy on the blogs sometimes. I hope you’re doing ok! Xo.

      1. If people aren’t in a space to read it, they won’t, but you deserve to share your joy here as much as your sorrows! ❤

  10. Such a great post! Sorry, I just realized I haven’t commented on *any* of your stuff lately, it was nothing intentional. So I love the pics. I love that you’re doing well. And I love the expression “a million fun.” If you end up posting a pic, I think I’ll even love the mint green walls. 🙂

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