Today We Celebrate


Today I am 20 weeks pregnant. Halfway home.

Boy, that time sure didn’t fly.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be here, waving goodbye to the first half of my pregnancy.

Yesterday I had my much-dreaded anatomy scan. I had tears in my eyes on the way up the elevator. In the waiting room, I felt sick to my stomach.

But you know what?

Once I finally got in and got scanned, that baby looked perfect. Absolutely perfect. He or she was quite cooperative, too — turning just so for its measurements and letting the tech get a good look between its legs. The tech wrote down the gender and sealed it in an envelope. We’ll find out with our friends on Sunday if we’re having a boy or a girl. I will, of course, let you guys know.

The tech didn’t give us much during the ultrasound, but the doctor came in afterwards and told us everything looked good. I asked him about downs and trisomy 13 and 18. He said the scan doesn’t always detect downs (about 50% of the time), but that it almost always detects trisomy 13 and 18. “These things are not subtle,” he said. So we are hopefully in the clear from the big, bad guys at least.

At the end of that conversation the doctor looked at me and said, “That kid is fine. I don’t want you to worry about this. I want you to go home and have a healthy pregnancy.”

You can’t get much more reassurance than a high risk OB telling you your kid is fine.

I asked the doctor about non-stress tests because my regular OB mentioned that I might need them later on in the pregnancy. He said I didn’t technically need them, but it seemed a little strange to him to have me so closely monitored in the first half of the pregnancy and then nothing in the second. Then he said, “Non-stress tests are also good for our anxious patients. They put their minds at ease.”

Boom. Nail on the head, buddy.

I told him that I definitely qualified as an anxious patient, so we agreed that I would come back at 32 weeks for a growth scan and my first non-stress test. He also told me that he was totally fine with me coming in for a scan before then, too, if I felt anxious and wanted reassurance. How cool is that?

Later that night, we told Lettie she was going to be a big sister. She was completely underwhelmed. I pretty much expected that. She’s jazzed about the gender reveal party this weekend, though. Girlfriend loves her a good party.

And that’s about all I got. I just wanted to share the good news. Of course, scary things could still happen and my anxiety is not going away any time soon, but I might let it hibernate a little. For five minutes at least.

Because it finally — finally — feels like it’s time to celebrate.


51 thoughts on “Today We Celebrate

  1. I totally want to cry! Amazing news. PLEASE update what the reveal says! You’ve got this. It’s all happening. I can’t wait to hear how Lettie’s thoughts about the sibling evolve.

  2. So awesome! Congrats 😊 I am in the anxious category myself .I want to just enjoy it all but being only 9 weeks I’m still nervous! Second scan in 11 days, need to see that little heartbeat again . Nice to know I’m not alone in nervosa .LOL. great idea for gender reveal too, I might steal that! Hugs.

  3. Ahh this post makes my heart happy for 2 reasons: 1) Because baby is doing awesome and was a little superstar for you guys letting the tech get a good look at him/her, and 2) because you can breathe a little easier! Im so happy for you lovely! And because I know sometimes you struggle, I’m going to believe for you in the timing of your life ❤ Enjoy your party on Saturday! Can't wait to hear what you're having 🙂

  4. Oh hi there! I remember you!

    You know what…if that guy, THAT DOCTOR, who specifically deals with the exact things you are worried about…if that person tells you not to worry…seriously! Take his advice…you think he would say something like that just off the cuff? No way Jose! Or Hose B!

    Easier said than done…but hey. Well done for coping so well for so long. Hoping the next stretch flies by. Xx

  5. Yay!!!! Big big big grin on my face over here 😄😄😄. It is great to get to this point with a clear scan. I think this part, for the next couple of months, was my favourite part of being pregnant with Francesca. I’m very excited about the gender reveal! Wishing you a smooth and healthy 20 week countdown. You’ll be there before you know it!!! xxx

  6. Great news! I hope this gives you some comfort….yes it is hard but listen to the doc he knows his stuff. Loving Lettie’s laid back response to the news yet excitement about the party ha ha. xo

  7. I love OBs that will do the extra tests. My OB told ms that if I wanted to, when I get pregnant, I could come in everyday to hear the heartbeat if I needed to. It takes a special kind of person to be an OB, but especially a high risk OB. Continuing to pray for you friend. Enjoy the celebration this weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness, this is amazing, and Lettie is adorable in her big sister shirt! I cried through our anatomy scan — just so emotional to be told that baby is healthy. Your MFM sounds amazing. I’m glad they’re giving you extra NSTs. Here’s to a boring, healthy second half of pregnancy!

  9. SEEEEE! told ya so! But I know how it goes. I always get a round of anxiety right before my appointments, and I have one on Monday. I think its still hard to let go of the feelings though, right? Like you’re being told everything is perfect by a high risk doctor, but (at least for me) I just can’t get ‘there’ yet 100%. Or maybe I’m just weird. I’m announcing my genders next week too! We’ve already told family, but want to tell my work mates next. Then it will be blog/fb. Can’t wait to hear! So far its been a year of boys.

  10. Sooooo pleased to read that all is going so well! I’m looking forward to reading about the next baby girl 😉 :). Lettie will come around, as your belly gets bigger and it starts to feel less abstract for her. Dd1 was the same. By the end, she was stoked! I found it helped a lot to get a few different storytime books that talk about a new baby coming and her role as the big sister. That doctor rocks! I’m so glad they’re so understanding and accommodating about your anxiety, and are providing you done extra reassurance. You’ll be FINE anyway, but peace of mind goes a LONG way. Xx

  11. Lettie looks like she’s thinking, “I’m stoked, but not totally sure WHY I’m stoked yet. Now, how does this affect me, exactly?” Maybe she’ll come around at your party tomorrow. Also, I love that your doc will do what it takes to reassure you (clearly, you and I saw different high risk people). Whatever it takes to ease your mind, go for it xo

    1. WHEN you get pregnant again, you should go to my OB! I love them there. Might be a slight hike from the Northeast, though, but maybe worth it. I’m sorry your high risk person was bogus.

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