Extensive Endometriosis

Hi everyone, this is Tim. Tanya wanted me to let you know that she finally had her surgery yesterday, and to give you an update.

The doctor found endometriosis on her cervix, bladder, back side of uterus, and right ovary. He classified it as stage 3. Everything was removed, except for the endo on the right ovary – he didn’t want to risk damaging it. He said endometriosis isn’t usually seen on the cervix, so he sent that off to pathology.

Tanya is fine, but recovery is rougher than we anticipated. There’s lots of pain from the gas injected into her abdomen, plus abdominal pain from the surgery and some nausea. She’ll post more once she’s feeling better.

Thanks so much for all your support!

80 thoughts on “Extensive Endometriosis

  1. Oh Tim, thanks so much for the update. I’m in tears for Tanya. I don’t know what stage 3 means exactly, but I hope that Tanya recovers soon and isn’t in too much discomfort. Sending you three a ton of love. Xx

  2. Oh, wow. Thanks so much for the update, Tim — sending lots of love and support to Tanya as she recovers. I’m so sorry to hear about the stage 3 endometriosis diagnosis — that must be really, really difficult to deal with, and I hope the doctors are able to offer you some hope/explanation really soon. All the best.

    1. Thank you, friend. You know what, I wasn’t even that upset about that stage 3 diagnosis, as weird as that sounds! I mean, yeah, I’m not psyched that I have an incurable disease that has likely been causing infertility, as well as other issues. But on the other hand, I KNOW WHAT HAS BEEN CAUSING MY INFERTILITY. How about them apples? It’s pretty amazing to have answers, no matter what happens from this point forward.

  3. Fellow endo sister here, 2 months post excision surgery. God bless you. It sucks. But it gets better. healing thoughts, anti inflammatory prayers, and just general good vibes. One day, endo won’t be an afterthought, but rather a priority.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am sorry that you are a fellow endo sister, but glad you are doing ok post-surgery. I hope the surgery ends up being the answer for both of us. I am looking forward to checking out your blog!

  4. Tanya, I’m praying for a full recovery from this and I’m sending you all of my loving hugs. Love, Aunt Susie

  5. Praying for a quick recovery for you, Tanya. I’m glad you at least have an answer now, even though it’s still totally crappy. Keep us posted!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! I am sorry that you know the pain of the evil surgery gas! The doctors really need to warn you that it can feel like you’re having a heart attack/can’t breathe. Eesh.

  6. I have been thinking about you nonstop. This is such a difficult time and I hope the reasons for this pain and long road are just around the corner for you. Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for all of those thoughts. I hope you are right that the reasons for the long road are just around the corner. Even though I am incredibly relieved to have some answers, in other ways, this surgery just kind of knocked me on my ass both physically and mentally in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I think I’m approaching rock bottom on this journey. But I guess that means that I can only go up from there, right?

      1. Oh man. I am so afraid of rock bottom. I often think it is around the corner and can feel the despair. You are right though. Only one way to go but up from there. Also- this limbo hell will be over at some point and I know your character and your strength will prevail. Hugs.

    1. Thanks, Caroline! Another piece of good news is that the doctor actually did remove the endo on my ovary (I misheard him in my post anesthesia haze) — he apparently just removed it in a different way than the other stuff. So yay to that!

    1. Thank you so much! What is up with the doctors acting like a laparoscopy is no big deal? My doctor made it sound like it was going to be a walk in the park!

      1. Good question! I had three laparoscopic surgeries (my poor ovaries); one was relatively easy, one was pure hell, and the recent one was something in between…

  7. I’m sorry you’re going they’ve this but I’m very thankful that you’re sharing the details with us. It sounds like DW could have pretty severe endo but they just couldn’t explain it by simple vaginal ultrasound a few years ago when they sent her for one to try to understand her insane periods. We’re going to get her into the fertility clinic I used so she can have a more professional consult.

      1. Yeah we hope so too. Although I was reading that there are high chances that even a year later the endo can come back. Her mom had a hysterectomy in her 30s. Hopefully it won’t be the case for her too.

      2. Oh I’m sorry honey I’m chewing on my ankles right now! I just mean for her there’s no goal of improving fertility odds in the short term…

      3. I also read that you can do hormone therapy for a few months after surgery to keep it from coming back. This isn’t an option for me since I’m trying to get knocked up, but it might really help your DW!

      4. Yeah I think she will have to become more open to alternative therapies if we’re going to fight this. If it can at least make her periods less uncomfortable so that she doesn’t beg for menopause every few weeks, then that’ll be a big victory in itself.

  8. Thank you for the update Tim. I am relieved that the surgery is now done and you can begin looking forward to a healthier future!! I do hope the recovery is quick and easy. Sending you both love!!

    1. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to a healthier future. No matter what happens from here, I am relieved to have answers and relieved to have all of the stuff out of my body. Oh, and I found out that the doctor actually did remove the endo on the ovary, he just removed it in a different way than the other stuff (ablating verses cutting). So as of now, I’m all clear inside!

  9. So glad you got the surgery and have some answers 🙂 Hopefully you are starting to feel better!

  10. I hope she’s feeling better very soon. That gas pain should only last another day or 2 and was definitely the worst part of recovery for my endometriosis surgery. Sending lots of love!

    1. Even though you so helpfully warned me ahead of time about that gas pain, it still was rougher than I was expecting! It felt like I was having a heart attack at one point. So scary! I’m so glad the procedure is over with. Please stay away endo so I don’t ever have to do this again!

  11. Oh how did I miss this update! Glad that it is all over and you are starting to feel better. To get some answers too must be such a relief. It sounds Onwards and upwards now! xo

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