Surgery Postponed (Ah-Gain)

Thanks for all of your comments and support on my last post! I will respond to each and every one of them soon, but I just wanted to update you quickly and let you know that surgery tomorrow is a no-go. I have a legit cold now (damn you, Lettie!), and my surgeon thought postponement would be best. He said if I’m not 100%, why take the extra risk, even if it’s minimal? I can’t really argue with that, but UGH.

Tim talked to the surgery scheduler earlier this week and she said she was holding a slot for me next week just in case (which is really awesome of her). I just need to get confirmation that I’m officially in. If it doesn’t happen next week, it’ll have wait until mid July because Dr. V is going on vacation for, like, ever. Fingers crossed! I think mid July might make my brain explode.

Oof, oh well. Third time’s going to be the charm, right?


29 thoughts on “Surgery Postponed (Ah-Gain)

  1. I hate that you are sick and I’m so disappointed that you have to postpone the surgery again! I know it’s best to wait until your health is better, even if it is just a cold, but seriously, I cannot imagine how annoying this is for you and how hard it is to psych yourself up for the same surgery three times! I really hope next week works for you because I know it wont be any fun having this over your head while Dr. V is on vacation.

  2. My gut reaction is to think everything happens for a reason, but it’s not really the best thing to hear when you are in any kind of limbo. Hang in there. You are in my thoughts. Hopefully this will all have perfect timing so that you can see why the waiting was so important later on down the road!

    1. Thanks so much, Katy! I like the everything happens for a reason line of thinking. It’s always cool to have a eureka moment about something that happened in the past, even if it’s years later.

  3. Definitely third time lucky. Definitely!!!! Get well soon and rest as much as you can. Illness is a pain in the backside at any time, let alone when you’re waiting for surgery.

  4. Oh crap! So frustrating.I hope you feel better soon, it is what you dread in the run up to surgery. I really hope it is finally going to happen next week. Sending hugs across the waters. xo

  5. Oh FFS you cannot catch a break on this surgery. 3rd time is a charm! I’m sure, I’m sure. This would not do your anxiety any good either. Faaark. I prescribe the following: put on some Bette (that looked amazing btw) and dance with L. Anxiety hates fun xx

    1. Hahah, I had to think about what FFS was for a second, and then it made me laugh. So thanks for that. And OMG Bette was INCREDIBLE. She is such an awesome performer.

  6. I’m behind on my reading and just catching up on all of this now. I’m so sorry it got postponed, but agree that it’s better to be 100%. But yes, very frustrating! Hoping everything goes off without a hitch for next week.

    1. Thank you! Now that I know what a tough recovery this has been, I am SO glad I didn’t end up getting the surgery with a cold. That would have been double miserable.

  7. GAH! So frustrating, but how awesome of them to save a slot for you next week. Hoping you can get this done sooner rather than later. ❤

    1. Thank you! As you know, your positive energy worked! I was actually thinking of you right after the surgery — your steadfast support of my gut feeling that something was amiss is one of the things that gave me the courage to go through with the surgery. And what do you know, we were both right! So thanks for that. I hope you’re doing ok with your own recovery. I read your last post, but I was all sorts of drugged up at the time. I need to go back and read it!

      1. It seems fitting in one of those bitter irony kind of ways that you were stoned reading my post about being out of body experiences and shaking hands with death while on drugs but reaping no benefits from them myself. I’m so glad you took care of yourself and trusted your gut. Much love and healing vibes to you!

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