Well, So That Wasn’t Meant To Happen Today

I just left the hospital. Without having my laparoscopy. During the procedure before mine, the lights shorted in the OR. They have backup generators and everyone was fine, but my procedure was cancelled until they can figure out the cause. The surgeon was visibly freaked out as he told us this. I can’t imagine performing a surgery and having that happen in the middle of it. I’m exhausted and bummed that we spent an extra several hundred that we don’t have on a hotel that we didn’t really need, but it is what it is. Safety first, obviously! The doctor said he’ll call me tomorrow to reschedule. So we’ll see. Freaky.

38 thoughts on “Well, So That Wasn’t Meant To Happen Today

  1. Whoa. I’m just glad it wasn’t YOUR procedure. That must be really scary for the doctors. I’m glad everyone is okay.

  2. Yikes! So freaky! Glad you and everyone else are OK, but man, haven’t you dealt with enough already?!?! What a weird thing! Hope they can reschedule it quickly. Time for another fertility vacation? πŸ™‚

    1. So freaking weird! Yesterday they were saying they could reschedule it for next week, but now it’s looking like it might be three weeks from now. ARG to that, I say!

  3. Eeek! Poor you, but I echo the sentiments that at least it wasn’t you. Don’t fancy performing surgery by candlelight! Try to enjoy the hotel!

  4. On my gosh! Thank goodness it wasn’t during the procedure. Bummer about the $ loss. If you’re going to lose the $ anyway… Stay? Mini vacation without pain killers needed?

  5. I’m glad it was BEFORE your surgery!! So glad you are safe, and healthy. To bad about the $ for the nice hotel, but at least you can go have some fun! I hope you stay and make a happy night out of it – you two deserve as much!

    1. I know, I’m so glad I’m safe and that the other woman whose surgery it happened during is safe, too. She was here from Iraq (!!!), so I’m glad she got to have her surgery and could go back as scheduled. At least I only had a two hour drive home.

      1. Oh, wow, I’m glad she also got her surgery! And, that the doctor took care of her so well when the power went out!! Do you have your surgery re-scheduled yet (sorry, I wasn’t on WordPress all weekend, so maybe I missed an update)?

  6. Yikes!! I agree with others, so glad it happened before your surgery! I wonder if you’ll be rescheduling for another date in general or for tomorrow? Keeping you in my prayers sweet lady! Maybe try and enjoy the sites today? xo

  7. Darn it! I’m glad that it didn’t happen in your surgery, that’s pretty scary. So frustrating though when you work yourself up to something and then it doesn’t pan out when you want it to. Hopefully they can reschedule you as soon as possible. Glad to hear that everyone is ok!

    1. I was so mentally prepping myself for it — totally nervous and worked up. So then when the doc said it wasn’t going to happen I was like, WHAT?!? Blah. I’m glad everyone is ok, though.

  8. How frustrating!! And a bit scary too. I hope it hasn’t unsettled you too much and that you get booked in soon. Not a great start for an appointment that is such an important one!

      1. 3 weeks?! Oh gawd, is that the earliest they can get you in? Sigh – so frustrating when you were all ready the other day to go. I’m sorry- the waiting around is just crap 😦

    1. I am so frustrated and disappointed! I mean, it obviously wasn’t meant to be yesterday, so I’m ok with that. But yesterday the doctor told me we could do it next week. And now it’s looking like it might be 3 weeks. I know this is no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but still. The waiting is killing me! Too much waiting in this game. Way too fucking much!

  9. Better to happen before than during! I was waiting for your post too to see how things went, but now I have it to look forward to again lol. Try to enjoy your night in the Big Apple anyway. When life hands you lemons and all… πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, girl! We did end up staying the night, but came back super early to make it to work this morning. I didn’t want to burn the day since I was going to have to use more days for the reschedule. And you are right — way better to happen before than during! It just wasn’t meant to be yesterday.

    1. Me too! So relieved, but so frustrated. Because come on! Why does nothing ever go smoothly for any of us in this game?! Just ugh. UGH. I hope you’re doing ok. So close now!

      1. Stop it. WHAT THE HELL?! I cannot even compute this. Cannot compute. If it’s such an emergency, why can’t they get him in earlier? OMG. What did he say? Does he really have to do it those days? I’m about to lose it on your behalf right now.

      2. They got him in today as an emergency to assess what’s wrong and determine best options. He had a full retinal detachment a few years ago and part of the stitching has come undone. No weekend surgery. So Monday AM is earliest possible as it was late afternoon by the time this got sorted today. Crazy right? I swear we have had the lousiest luck lately but then I thought about your lights out procedure and had to laugh. The madness isn’t limited to me and the LP. We joked about him doing the surgery on the same day as mine since they are both in the same hospital though he’s in the old part and I’m in the new addition (women’s hospital). But Monday is more sensible. As nonsensical life events go.

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