69 thoughts on “IVF #2: All Embryos Arrested

  1. So sad and infuriating. You must be incredibly frustrated. I’m sorry this process can be so cruel. Even worse, REs love to point to egg quality as the culprit. Having been in this game so long (and having worked in a lab so long) you can’t convince me that a good portion of the “blame” could be assigned to how the REs choose to stim or maybe the media the embryologist uses to grow out the embryos or any of the techs who handle the dishes. IVF has so many links in the chain and potential points of error. I’m so sick of REs saddling all the pressure on the woman. (rant over)

    Bottom line: big hug from NYC.

    1. I love the rant! I was definitely scratching my head at the fact that they hadn’t grown in 48 hours, which meant they stopped growing right after I last talked to the embryologist. I was like, WTF DID YOU DO TO MY EMBRYOS???

  2. My heart is broken for you. There was so much hope that at least one of those little embies was meant to make it. I’m so very sorry that this cycle was so difficult. Take time to grieve, heal and spoil yourselves. We’re sending you tons of love.

  3. Faaaaaaaaaar out universe. What the????? Honey as you know I know the pain of a cycle with no embies to transfer. It TOTALLY blows. The first time it happened it was like someone sucked the wind out of my sails and I think I was shell shocked for quite some time. Pls let yourself grieve for it as you will need to. I am giving you the biggest hug in my heart right now. It is just an awful thing to go through. When you think of this process you just never imagine you will get to day 5 and have none but as I am starting to see it is more common than we think I guess and that sucks. Hug that little girl of yours tight tonight. Those first children just seem more and more miraculous every day, don’t they? Much love xxxxx

  4. Ughhhhhhhhh I hate this. I have also been there and there is nothing harder than to have the chance gone. But you will pick yourself up, you will move forward and this will work eventually. You need a different protocol and you will find that good egg. It’s only a matter of time and perseverance. Hugging you. We are all in this together. We will mourn together then pick up and keep fighting.

    1. My doctor mentioned possibly trying the micro-dose flare protocol. Have you tried that one? This last time I was on the antagonist protocol with estrogen priming. Another question: do you always do day 3 transfers or do you ever wait for day 5?

      You are right. This morning when I was talking to my doctor I was like, “I don’t know if I can do this again.” But already I know that I can.

      1. You are a strong and amazing warrior. I am familiar and have had better response on it. The short dosage of Lupron has avoided the suppression I had in the past and I seem to respond better. I have always transferred on day 3 since I usually only have 3 or 4 growing and they transfer them all. The thought is that each one has a relatively low chance of implanting but hopefully one will surprise us. The cycle I had my son they put four low quality in on day 3 and he made it! I usually use a high dosage of Follistim and minimal of other drugs. A few days before retrieval I take Clomid to ensure I ovulate.

  5. Devastating!!! I’m so sorry, dear. I wish this had gone in a very different direction. Things looked promising there for a bit. Hugs and strength to you!

  6. I keep looking at this quote lately:
    We rejoice in hope but we also rejoice in suffering because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us.

  7. damn-it! I am so sorry love, so sorry. Breathe, cry and cry then make sure to breathe again. take your time to feel exactly how you want to. I am sending my love and very big hugs. xx

      1. Yes, that’s it DOR! Its not a fun one 😦 I would love to talk more about it but its probably not the time. You need to heal and rest and I’m sending you all the positive thoughts in the world. xoxoxoxo

  8. Sending love and hugs hun. I was full of hope for you, so sad reading this. I am thinking of you and you know where I am if you need to talk. xox

  9. I’m so sorry 😦 Reading backwards here after being cut off from the internet for the last 5 days. So sad for you to have to deal with this 😦

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