IVF #2: My Motley Follicle Crew


I saw my second favorite doctor at the practice this morning.  He looked over my chart when he came in and said, “Ok, so you’re on antagonist protocol, estrogen priming and then atomic bomb. I like it.” Atomic bomb is of course referring to the ridic amount of meds that I’m throwing at my ovaries right now.

He did an ultrasound and said he was pleased with the follicle growth between Thursday and today. There were still a dozen follicles hanging out, so at least I didn’t lose any more. Score! According to him they were “all different sizes,” so they’re definitely not all growing at the same rate. I hope, hope, hope that the tiny ones catch up to the big guys.

I left there feeling pretty good. I was imagining my dozen follicles sitting pretty in a cardboard egg carton. Sure, I’m not going to win the award for the World’s Largest Follicle Collection, but 12 is still pretty damn solid. And besides, quality over quantity and all that business that you wise women always tell me.

But then. Here’s that but again. The nurse called back this afternoon and said that I was to take my regular dose of meds tonight, and tomorrow night I should up my Menopur dose. Whaaaaat? You guys, I’m already taking the Atomic Bomb amount of stims. I thought I was at the max dosage. And now she’s UPPING IT? This can’t be a good sign, right? Something must be wrong for her to do this. I read back through my old posts, and my doctor did up my Menopur around this time last cycle as well. But this cycle I started out on a higher dose of meds than last time, so I assumed that I would be staying at the same dose the whole time. After I increase my dose I’ll be on 450 units of follistim and 225 units of Menopur. So that’s 675 total units of stimulation meds. Gah! Does that seem crazy to any of you IVF vets out there? .

Again, there’s nothing I can do about it, even if it’s a bad sign. All I can do is breathe, take my Atomic Bomb med cocktail, and wait. I have to find a way to get back to my happy place, though. This gloom and doom crap that I’ve been feeling the last couple of days is for the birds.

24 thoughts on “IVF #2: My Motley Follicle Crew

  1. That is a high amount. I was told I was on a max amount of Gonal F and Menopur, and I’d have to check my notes on how much Menopur I had to increase to. It sure is insane what we do to our bodies!

  2. P.S. I just read through a whole bunch of your posts over the past few months. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself, for letting us all into your life. I think you’re amazing. And your family is beautiful!

  3. I wish I had advice to give you but I’m the opposite – they are always worried about overstimulating me. I am so sorry you are in the gloom and doom place. That blows. Just visualise those eggies growing. I’m convinced something works as last cycle I went in expecting 11 or 12 and came out with 16 which seems way more than just “oh sometimes we miss one or two”. So just keep at it and don’t give up. They will be great. xx

  4. I’m with Em, my body can’t handle much stim. This phase is almost over though! You’re pretty much in the home stretch right now. Hang in there! Sending you much love from the great white North! 😉

  5. They’re really putting the jumper cables on you. Nice. Go hard or go home, right? Don’t worry, at 38, I get slapped around too. You’ll do great. If you’re over stimming they’ll dial it back. Good luck!

      1. Will be posting an update very soon but have been following everyone closely. Hate how this cycle is playing out for you. About to comment on your latest post now.

  6. I was on max stims too and it makes you wonder what if anything that does to egg quality but I agree with you; you need to make peace with this process and do what you can to stay as grounded as possible or if it’s not possible to get back to a more grounded place once the meds clear your system. Sending positive energy and love your way!

  7. Yay to your 12 follicles hanging in there! I was on 450 menopur last time, I was told this is max dose and if I went for another round they would add Gonal F too, so I do not think it is unusually high but maybe max they can do. I would trust them, we have to. Sending positive vibes! xo

  8. I’m not sure if my doses were considered high or not – but I had 450 Gonal F and 75 of a diff needle that started with an L… I ended up with 11 eggs
    Even if this is more than what you’ve had before, it’s taking a diff approach so overall a good thing to try maybe 🙂 as always, cheering you on

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