Hospital Ultrasound Today

Yesterday I started experiencing ovary pain, more on my left side than right. I emailed the nurses at my clinic to ask if that was weird (I didn’t think it was considering I’d recently pumped my ovaries full of drugs, but wanted to double check). They said that my doctor wanted me to come in for an ultrasound this morning. So I did. Everything looked the same. Baby was still off to the left. She pointed out the gestational sac, the yolk sac and then the embryo. I didn’t see a heartbeat, but I think at 5 weeks 5 days it’s probably still too early. Everything was measuring as it should be. My ovaries were large, but not filled with fluid. She said the pain was likely just my ovaries still being enlarged. But then she said that she wanted me to go to the hospital to get scanned with more high-tech equipment since the baby is eccentrically located. She said that she still doesn’t really think anything is wrong, but that she wants to be cautious and get a second opinion.

Woo boy. The hospital scan is today at 2:30. Ugh. I’m nervous. I could really use some good thoughts/vibes/prayers/juju around 2:30 today if you can spare it.

On top of this, Lettie was puking all night last night, and I have a cold and a UTI. So I’m just in general feeling exhausted and freaked out. Shit’s feeling ominous right about now.

Fingers crossed that whoever does the scan agrees with my doctor and sees nothing to worry about! Gulp.

24 thoughts on “Hospital Ultrasound Today

  1. Sounds right on target to me. A cold and a UTI will make you feel awful without early pregnancy hormones. I think all is going to be great at 2:30. Look forward to your update.

  2. Lots of good vibes and hugs your way. Over cautious is good, I am sure the scan will reassure that all is well. x

  3. Sending you big hugs and lots of prayers! Im sorry I’ve been lacking on my comments! My phones been giving me trouble but you continue to be in my prayers. Xoxo

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