For Now, All Is Well!

Thank you so much for all the thoughts/prayers/juju/rain dances earlier! I for real love you guys.

Everything looked good! The radiologist said something like, “The embryo is tucked up in there, but it looks fine. In this situation, they typically grow into the cavity rather than the uterine wall.” This basically reinforced what my doctor said on Monday. She also thinks my pain is from my enlarged ovaries and not anything pregnancy related.

During the ultrasound the radiologist kept telling the tech to stop because she thought she saw the heartbeat. And the tech kept being like, “No, that’s not it!”  She was kind of sassy with the doctor. I could see Tim cracking behind them. They did this back-and-forth routine like five times, but they never officially saw it. She said in another week I should be able to see the heartbeat, which will line up nicely line with my appointment in six days. Fingers crossed!

My doctor called me about 20 minutes after I left to say that she got the report and the radiologist does not think it’s a cornual or interstitial pregnancy. They want to see me back at the hospital in two weeks for another scan. But for now, all is well.

I’m going to let myself relax now. I’ve been clenched up tight for four days solid. Like, epic anxiety levels. Eff that. I’m done (for now haha). This baby is going to make it. We’re going the distance. You hear that, little embryo?

Also, did I mention that I love you guys?


32 thoughts on “For Now, All Is Well!

  1. Yes! The collective energy of this group is directed towards pulling your little one over the finish line. Thank you for the happy post. I’m going back to my dry heaving now. 🙂

  2. Woohoo!!! Awesome news 🙂 hopefully you truly can rest a little easier now. Easier said than done I know (I’m scared out of my mind for my first US on Monday!) but just remind yourself all looks good!! ❤

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