IVF #1: T Is For Transfer Day (And Thanksgiving!)

Here we are, in all our smocked glory.
Here we are, in all our smocked glory, ready to transfer the crap out of some embryos.

Transfer day! We arrived at our clinic this morning at 9 am. I was calm and centered. I felt confident that we would have at least one embryo — hopefully a blastocyst — to transfer. After my last post, I think I just needed to give myself a few hours to feel sad and adjust my expectations before moving forward. So I did that. And then I felt much better.

For those who might not know, a blastocyst is an embryo in a later stage of development, the final stage before implantation. Doctors consider it ideal to transfer embryos at this stage (I think because by then they can distinguish the quality more accurately), although tons of pregnancies have resulted from embryos transferred earlier.

After we arrived at the clinic, I immediately went to acupuncture, which was lovely. I reclined in the dark on a table and talked to my embryos (in my head, of course). I told them how excited I was to meet them and how they were going to love their sister and how they had a whole slew of people rooting for them.

After that, Tim and I went back and changed into our gowns to await the doctor and the embryologist. Thankfully, the doctor this time was not the Ovarian Overlord from my retrieval. I had never met this one before, but he was great — full of jokes and smiles. I liked him immediately. Then the embryologist came in to tell us the fate of our little dudes.

As soon as he saw her, the doctor said, “Hey, how many are we transferring?”

And she said, “Well, now isn’t that the question.”

Hmmmmm….what could that mean?!

Basically, the deal was that there was one top-quality blastocyst totally ready to go. She went through why it looked great, but I don’t remember much except that it was already hatching. Hatching is good, although I’m still not sure why. So woo to that!

Then she said there were two morulas. A morula is an embryo in the developmental stage before it becomes a blastocyst. She said we could transfer the blastocyst and one morula, but she’d recommend transferring just the blastocyst and letting the morulas grow another night.  Because I ovulated 5 days ago, my uterus is ready to accept a 5-day-old embryo, whereas a morula is developmentally only 4 days old. So she thought the morulas would actually have a better chance at surviving outside of my body right now. Does that make sense? I think it makes sense to me, but I’m having trouble explaining it without sounding like a dweeb. She suggested letting the morulas grow one more night and then if they looked good tomorrow, she’d freeze them. She said she guessed the one better-looking morula would probably make it to freeze, but maybe not the other one.

As soon as she explained the situation, I blurted out, “Let’s just transfer the blastocyst!” Tim wasn’t sure, though, so they left us to chat it out for a few minutes. In the end, we decided to give our two morulas the best chance to survive and transfer the one blastocyst. Plus, Tim was freaking out about twins last night, so we took this as a sign that one was the way to go.

At my age (37), the official recommendation is to transfer two, but the embryologist seemed to think that since this one was such nice quality, we’d still have a good chance at success.

Without further ado, here it is, our one “beautiful” (embryologist’s word, not mine) blastocyst:

Purty, purty.

The actual transfer part was quick and awesome. We saw our embryo for few seconds on a giant flatscreen TV, getting ready for its big moment. The mood in the room was festive. Everyone was making jokes about the embryo “looking for real estate” and being “ready to move in.” Tim and I were pretty much bursting with excitement. I felt good, guys. Really good. A couple minutes later we watched on the ultrasound screen as the catheter went into my uterus and then the embryo burst out of it. So cool!

Now we are back home and I am chilling with my favorite little lady. Can I just tell you how excited I am for two days of bed rest? The luxury! Plus, I somehow scored this reprieve on Thanksgiving, which means I don’t have to cook or clean or set a single thing. BOOM!

Me and my girl.

Thanksgiving. On this day of gratitude, I have an abundance of food to eat, a husband to love, a daughter I adore and a fragile, new life inside of me. I truly have so much to be thankful for.

47 thoughts on “IVF #1: T Is For Transfer Day (And Thanksgiving!)

  1. So so excited for you! Look at the wee dudes picture! 😀 Oh I hope this is me tomorrow (though mine won’t be a blasto). I was reading about rest, I do not think my clinic recommends it but I have Saturday and Sunday so I am going to rest up for sure. Enjoy being pampered. x

  2. OH my the end of this post made me really teary! You really do have so much to be thankful for. I’m so pleased you were feeling excited – I think that’s the difference between a 5 day and 3 day transfer. I was such a nutjob still on day 3 that I was having trouble even holding it together on transfer day. And YAY another 2 possible embies and most likely definitely one. This is awesome news. I’m crossing every single little thing for you. Enjoy those days of rest (if your munchkin will let you have them – my little one still asks for “mummy to do it” constantly if he is here. You look so happy in these photos. I love them! x

    1. Ha, right, because on day 3 everyone is still too insane from all the drugs to feel zen. I think I definitely noticed a mood shift for the better after day 3. Until then it was Crazy Town.

      Since you are doing genetic testing you will definitely have a day 5 transfer next time, right? I know next time is your time, btw. I can just feel it. You heard it here first! 🙂

      Thanks for all of the good thoughts and excitement! It makes me smile.

      1. I actually won’t get to have a fresh transfer at all. My transfers will the a frozen one the following month so hopefully I’m nice and zen for that… Hope you are enjoying your rest!

  3. I am so unbelievably excited for you!! I will be anxiously waiting for your tww to be over. I’m wishing you ever little bit of success and happiness.
    Oh, and I love that you don’t have to cook or clean or do any of the thanksgiving “work” – what a great time for your transfer to occur! 🙂

    1. Gah, thank you! Haha, I’m blocking out the two week wait. When the doctor left today he was like, “Welcome to two weeks of hell.” Funny-not funny. I think if I stay away from Google I’ll be ok. Must. Not. Google.

  4. Ahh this post got me all teary eyed and filled me so much joy! I am so incredibly happy for you! Sending you sticky vibes and big hugs! Enjoy your thanksgiving, mama! Blessings to you!

  5. Ah that’s fab! Looks like a great blast too 🙂 My clinic still only recommend transferring one blast for women 35-40 if it is a good quality as it has such a good chance of working. Good luck for the 2ww! xxx

  6. That blastocyst looks like he’s really on the move! Fingers crossed he’ll settle in and make himself right at home. Keeping everything crossed for you, and enjoy your luxurious rest and thanksgiving 🙂 X

    1. I’m going to try not to! Pee sticks mess with my head. And if I’m going to get bad news, I only want to hear it once haha. How about you? Will you test? Also, did you hear if any of your guys made it to freeze?

      1. Yeah I think I’m feeling the same, although the reports of BFPs on 5dp5dt on here lately have me intrigued. And no! I heard absolutely nothing from the clinic today. I’m hoping my guys are just being grown still and it doesn’t mean they’ve all died. That’d be really annoying. I’m really not liking how this clinic operates. I was attracted to it because it’s a smaller clinic, but they are way too busy to give the quality of service we used to get at the bigger clinic we used to go to before my mc last spring. It was much less personalized, but at least they had clear protocols and follow through.

      2. I know, I agree, those stories of positives on 5dp5dt are intriguing! I am feeling my exact same PMS symptoms at the exact same time I normally do, so I’m not feeling so hot about this cycle outcome. I mean, it could be the meds causing it, but I was on the meds for several days before these symptoms started. But I know it’s not over ’til it’s over, so I’m trying to hold out hope. I am annoyed that they didn’t call you about your embryos! You’ve invested so much in this that you deserve to know what’s going on. I hope that they’re still growing, too. I would be surprised if none of them made it since they were all still going at day 5!

      3. Yeah for sure, keeping everything crossed for us both and for my little guys still growing during in the lab! I’m thinking I’ll poas before my beta. Maybe starting on 7dp5dt. I don’t want to get bad news directly from the nurse. I’m sick of those phone calls from them.

    1. I know, I’m sorry I’ve been a slacker with updating during the last couple of weeks. I really meant to post during the two week wait, but in the end I started feeling like it would probably make my anxiety worse, so I just put it off and here we are. I pinky swear I will post tonight after I hear results from my doctor’s office!
      This is the longest f*cking day ever.

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