IVF #1: Day 3 Report & Trying To Stay Positive

Ok, so all five embryos are still alive. That’s good.

The two that looked “perfect” yesterday still look good today (although the embryologist definitely did not call them perfect again today).

The other three do not look so hot for various reasons. One is fragmented, one the embryologist said she “doesn’t like the morphology” (whatever that means) and one is just a slow poke—it’s only 4 cells when she’d like to see at least 6 or 8.

She thinks the two good ones will make it to day 5 and the other three might not make it or won’t be good enough to freeze. She says she’s been wrong before, but that’s her best guess based on experience.

I went through lots of emotions during that one phone call. Hooray, they’re still growing! Boo, none to freeze! And finally, holy sh*t, what if NONE make it to day 5 or are good enough quality to transfer? What then?

That sobering thought is what I’m left with right now. I know that’s a huge What If, but the thought is still really freaking me out.

This whole process is one giant mind f*ck, and right now I just feel sad. I know I should be happy that we still have two good-looking embryos—and I am—but the uncertainty is winning out. Hopefully those two can stay strong. Please stay strong, little dudes!

If anyone has some good juju laying around that they could pass my way, I could really use it. Because right now my stores are depleted.

27 thoughts on “IVF #1: Day 3 Report & Trying To Stay Positive

  1. JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU JUJU!!!! I can completely imagine how you may be feeling, but keep the faith!! The cycle game is still very far from being called over sweetie! Sending you all the positive vibes I’ve got in my arsenal! Xx

  2. Mine never made it to day 5. I always had to transfer day 3. The cycle it was successful I transferred a very fragmented slow growing embryo day 3 and he is now safely in my arms and ten months old. Fingers crossed for you. Keep up the hope- one of those beauties could be your baby.

    1. It might be the hormones, but your comment just made me cry! That is such and awesome story. I love that a fragmented, slow-growing day 3 embryo turned into your son. Thank you so much for sharing that and for giving me some perspective. I needed it! Xo.

  3. sending you every last drop of good juju :)… i’m really hoping you get to transfer at least one of your little fighters. i wish they could let us hang out with them while they grow.

  4. Oh hon this whole process is such a rollercoaster. There are more ups and downs than the hills of San Francisco. Don’t give up on the slow one yet. I did lots of research about slow developing embryos as mine was on the small side when transferred and there are heaps of stories out there about slow ones that worked. And like someone else said, there are plenty of stories of fragmented ones working out too. Hang in there. You might end up with more than you think. You never know. Fingers crossed she is wroooooong. Hugs x

    1. Oh my lord, this process is SO like San Francisco–complete with hills AND earthquakes! Thank you for sharing your research. I had Tim call the embryologist this afternoon and ask a bunch of questions (he is a science teacher and science nerd, so his brain just grasps this crap better than me) and I feel a lot better. She told him that she really did not expect for any to not make it to day 5. PHEW. I’m going to visualize the heck out of the embryos tonight and picture them all growing big and strong, even Francis Fragmented and Sally Slowpoke. 🙂

  5. The day’s waiting for the fertilization reports were aaaagonizing for me!!! Sending you big hugs! Will say a special prayer for your little babies and for your heart mama!

    1. Thank you for the prayer! I still think about your “there will be three” story and take strength from it. What’s meant to be will be, and we just have to listen to that voice telling us to soldier on. Xo.

      1. Big hugs! I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately and hearing that you took strength from that post means a lot. Hang in there, lovely!

  6. I don’t have experience with this, so can’t offer any advice or wisdom, but I am keeping you in my thoughts. Hoping that your little babies keep growing and that you are able to experience some peace while you play the waiting game.

    1. Thank you! Tim talked to the embryologist yesterday and she said she really doesn’t expect there to be nothing to transfer, so I’m just going to go with that! Also, I slept like the dead last night so that has done wonders for my state of well being! Thanks for your continued support! Xo.

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