IVF #1: Day 2 Report

Holy moly, this day got away from me. I’m sorry I am just now updating you guys.

Here’s the deets. Of the six embryos that fertilized:

One is acting like a kook and not dividing normally, so it’s out of the race. I applaud it, though, for being an original.

Two have turned into “perfect” 4-cell embryos.

Two are 3-cell embryos. One of those 3-cellers is fragmenting and the embryologist suspects that it might also drop out.

One is a 2-cell embryo.

So we have five left. Five, five, five! Keep going, guys! You can do it!

As of now, we are tentatively set for a day 5 transfer on Thursday — Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed that things are still looking good when I get the call from the embryologist tomorrow. And please keep sending your thoughts and prayers to my little buddies hanging out in the petri dish. They are obviously loving all the attention because whatever you’ve been doing is working!

I’m feeling so much gratitude tonight. And so much hope.

8 thoughts on “IVF #1: Day 2 Report

  1. Yay to the fab five, well done embies now keep up the good work! You are in my thoughts and I am so happy you have five doing well that’s great! xx

      1. Each stage is a bit more nerve wrecking! Wishing you luck for today’s call and will be looking out for your update.

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