IVF #1: Fertilization Report

Alrighty, the numbers are in. Out of 10 eggs collected:

Two were immature.

Two fertilized abnormally (like, two sperm jammed in one egg or something like that).

Six fertilized normally.

So out of the mature eggs that they collected, 75% of them fertilized normally. I really don’t think I can complain about that. Do I wish there were more? Sure. But I am very happy we still have six in the running.

The embryologist said that so far the six all look good. She said tomorrow she’ll be looking to see if they’ve cleaved, and she wants to see them either two cells or four cells. Once she sees the state of them in the morning, they’ll make the decision on whether to go for a day three or day five transfer. I’m really, really hoping we can do a day five transfer, as I’ve heard the results are better that way.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling low since the egg retrieval yesterday. I do think a huge part of it is a letdown after a giant buildup. Before, at least I was doing something. I was injecting myself. I was getting acupuncture. I was eating healthy.  But now? There’s not a thing I can do. It’s completely out of my hands. I just have to remind myself to keep surrendering.

I’ve been stress eating to compensate for my lack of control and it’s been awesome. I ate a cupcake and cookie from favorite gluten free bakery yesterday, I housed a bag of BBQ chips and today I went to the movies and ate a giant tub of popcorn. I didn’t have much of an appetite during stims, but I think it’s back now, yay!

So now, I wait. Oh, and just for fun, while I’m waiting, I’m going to get another root canal (I wish that were a joke, but it’s not), If you have thoughts or prayers to spare, please pass some along to my six little embryos. I really appreciate everyone’s support so far — way, way more than I could ever adequately express.

I hope my embryos are fighters. I hope they’re strong. And I hope they know that I already love them.

25 thoughts on “IVF #1: Fertilization Report

  1. Brilliant news about your 6 embies! I am hoping and praying and keeping everything crossed for them. The waiting is going to be a toughie to say the least….something nicer than a root canal as a distraction would of been good ouch! I totally get that you must be feeling a bit low now, at least when we are doing something we feel like we are sort of in control. Sending *hugs*. x

  2. I agree… It’s weird once you’ve done your part and then everything is suddenly out of your hands. You will be reunited with your embie/s soon enough though! Fingers crossed for more good news tomorrow xxx

      1. True. I had gotten into a pretty good groove of just feeling really good and relaxed about the process. I think the fact that I had time left still helped. Now we’re less than 36 hours away (I just triggered 20 mins ago) and I’m starting to feel my nerves. I think if I can manage to sleep well tonight it will help. Have a good sleep! Xx

  3. After we had our egg retrieval, we were at a gathering with my parents-in-law and somebody asked my father-in-law how many grandkids he had. He answered “four” and I yelled out “eleven” ha ha ha. He went pale.
    Anyhoo…moral of the story…we had eleven, 8 mature, 7 fertilised and 1 transferred. Like you, we’re hoping he’s the one we need. Fingers crossed x

    1. Aw, I love that story! I did go back and read your old posts after you posted this. I can’t believe your lab didn’t call back every day with the state of your embryos. You must have been on serious pins and needles! I’m pulling hard for you and Mickey.

  4. SIX! You got SIX! Hoo-fucking-ray! Excuse the language but this is fucking brilliant. I am so so so pleased for you. I felt exactly the same way after EC. I think it is probably the sudden stop of hormones and it also has to have a big impact on the body when you suddenly remove a bunch of eggs. Your hormones are probably going wackadoo. I started to binge eat naughty stuff in that phase. I found it much harder to be good. I was also super emotional right up until the day after transfer. Hang in there. You can do it. xx

  5. That’s a great fertilization rate. I know it’s unhinging but I applaud your commitment to letting go. I am keeping all kinds of positive growing thoughts and energy headed your embryos’ way.

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