I Still Love Wine

So you know how I gave up alcohol and caffeine and all kinds of other stuff to try and get pregnant?

I felt great after I ditched those things. Like a million bucks.

And then I got pregnant (still kind of can’t believe it), so the sauce-free run continued.

Once I had the baby, I thought maybe I could ride it out and be a crazy health nut forever.

But no.

I fell off that wagon hard.

BOOM! (That’s the sound of me hitting the ground after falling off the wagon.)

Wine and me? We’re cool again. Caffeine? Practically my right-hand man. Oh, and I still have, like, 20 pounds of baby weight to lose.

Sigh. I need to get my act together again at some point.

Until then, bottoms up!

Wine-stealing runt.
Wine-stealing runt.

3 thoughts on “I Still Love Wine

  1. You go girl!! I have lovingly embraced my coffee, coors light and diet coke. I missed my old friends!!

    what a cute pic!! how is the magis sleepsuit working for you? WE COULD NOT HAVE LIVED WITHOUT IT!!!


  2. How can I say this without sounding Naive….. Why do you have to stop drinking wine again? If its not medically an issue and you feel you are keeping a good moderaton, what is the concern stemming from? Have a glass of wine, its good for you!

    1. Oh no, girl, don’t worry–I’m not saying I need to stop drinking wine! I’m mostly just poking fun at myself for going from uber health guru to the opposite of that. I’m not planning on quitting the sauce, but I would like to reclaim a bit of my healthy self.

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