Missing Person Report


What I wouldn’t give to hug you right now. To smell your magnolia perfume and feel your short, baby-fine hair against my cheek.

I want to go over to your house and sit amongst your billions of Halloween decorations. There’s the black cat hand towels with the feather tails, the fiber optic skull candle, the string of pumpkin lights slung across the mantel…

I want to sit on your bed, legs tucked underneath me, while you show me the outfits you recently bought. Four pairs of the same crazy pants in different colors. Three identical shirts in different prints. A handful of sparkling costume jewelry to match.

I want you to see my daughter, to hold her in your arms. I want you to marvel at her long eyelashes with me. I want you to experience what it feels like when she looks you directly in the eye, opens her mouth wide and smiles. The fact that you will never know the joy of her is unfathomable to me.

Mostly, I just want I miss you to mean that you are off on a long, glamorous trip somewhere or that you moved across the country. Not that you are gone forever.

4 thoughts on “Missing Person Report

  1. I am so sorry she is missing our beautiful granddaughter. But there is no doubt she is watching and helping you become the wonderful mother you are. I keep waiting for the phone to ring and her voice saying Hello Grandma!

  2. A beautiful tribute to your mom and your understanding of the power of the mother/daugher bond. Good for you for allowing such hard feelings to surface and using them honors your grief 🙂

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