Letter to My Little Lady: 5 Weeks Old

Dear Little Fish,

Tomorrow you will be five weeks old! Holy snap, you’re growing so fast.

Here’s some of the things you can do at five weeks:

  • Look cute
  • Make various noises: most notably, dove coos and pterodactyl caws
  • Open your eyes super-wide and make an “O” shape with your mouth
  • Smack your lips
  • Stretch. Whenever we unwrap your from your swaddle, your dad and I love to watch you squirm around and wake up. We call it “The Lettie Show.” And yes, we are dorks.
  • A super-sly side-eyed glance.

Here’s some of the things you like:

  • Your Miracle Blanket
  • Bicycle legs
  • Singing. Your favorite song is “Amazing Grace.” But you only like it when I sing. Dad, not so much.
  • Dancing. You dig TLC’s “Unpretty” and, much to my chagrin, an array of Phish jams.

Here’s a few random bits about your first five weeks:

  • It took over a month, but you’re finally back up to your birth weight. Congrats, chub!
  • Whenever I’m out in public without you, I feel like shouting to every stranger I pass, “Hey, I have a baby! A baby, can you believe it? A real, live baby!”
  • You now have a circus name, should you ever want to join up: Fetus LaFouche. Yeah, don’t ask.
  • Your dad? I’m pretty sure he’s psyched you’re a girl. When choosing outfits for you, he always picks out the pinkest, most girliest thing he can find. I tend to gravitate towards yellows or greens, but your dad is all about the pink.

So there it is, itty-bitty you at five weeks. Mostly, I just love the crap out of you. Even when you turn into crazy-face, cry-box, inconsolable Coco.


The Side Eye

Of all of the pictures and videos of you I sent your Grandma Peggy, this was her favorite:

3 thoughts on “Letter to My Little Lady: 5 Weeks Old

  1. I just love the side eye 🙂 Thinking of you all week and hoping you are doing well. Big hugs 🙂 She is such a beautiful beautiful gift.

  2. I love these pictures. I was with the fam yesterday, and everyone wanted updated pictures, so I’m sending these all over the place. Amidst the sadness next weekend, I have to say I’m delighted to spend the time with Colette. I’m sure Peggy understands that.

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