Letter to My Little Lady: 12 Days Strong

Love-drunk Lettie

Dear Little Fish,

I’ve been looking at your sweet face for 12 days now. It’s true what they say—time goes by at lightning speed. It seems like only 12 minutes ago that I was in labor with you. And now you’ve been here for almost two weeks. This makes me a little sad. I want to take every moment with you and keep it safe in a box. I want to hold onto each one. I can’t wait to watch you grow, but I want to slow it down at the same time.

In your short time in this world, a lot has happened. Your grandma Peggy became ill with meningitis and had to go back into the hospital. We are all praying for her and sending love her way. You’ve been having trouble eating and you lost too much weight. Your dad and I have learned the true meaning of sleep deprivation. My hormones are crazy and I’ve been crying, um, all the time. Your first twelve days have been nothing short of a roller coaster.

But here’s the thing. When you and I are sitting quietly together and I’m holding you close, I can’t think of anything better. Not one single thing. I feel completely full-up, like my whole life has been leading up to these moments. Finally, you are here. Finally, I can kiss your face and your fingers as much as I want. Finally, you are mine.

I love you so much, Colette. All the way to the sky and back.


3 thoughts on “Letter to My Little Lady: 12 Days Strong

  1. I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying those moments of love and connection. They are totally what get you through the crazy, early days. Our first two weeks were pretty harrowing, as well! Olive had trouble putting on that weight as well. Listen to your baby more than the doctors, is what I learned. I’m sorry to hear about Peggy — I had meningitis once and it was incredibly painful (I’m allergic to narcotics so just had to tough it out — hope your mama has good painkillers!) but I eventually came back strong, and I am praying your mama will, too. Much love.

  2. oh T…you almost got me with this one. I fogged right up at my desk. I’m so proud of you and Tim. I’ll be praying for Peggy and your whole family. It will feel fast so hold on to it.

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