29 Weeks & Alien Baby Pictures

How I’m Feeling:

I have to be honest, guys: this was not my finest week. The insomnia raged all week long and I barely slept at all. Plus, I think after seven straight months of insomnia, it’s finally starting to catch up with me. I can barely keep my eyes open past 1 p.m. and I’ve been crying a lot because it’s getting very hard to do normal tasks on no sleep. Pretty much, I’m really fun to be around. Just ask Tim.

If one more person says “just wait ’til the baby gets here” or “this is preparing you for the baby,” I’m busting out the drop kicks. Although people are well-meaning, I hate when they say crap like that because it invalidates what I’m feeling right now. If someone told me they have a stomachache, I would never say, “just wait for three more months until you’ll have an even worse stomach ache! Then you’ll see, mwahahaha!”

That said, if this insomnia prepares me for the baby, bring it on! Somehow I doubt that it will, though. I’m sure I’ll be just as tired and crazed as the rest of the new moms out there.

Other symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions, carpal tunnel, round ligament pain, back pain and a general feeling of swolleness.  So yeah. Whine, wine, whine. When I went to acupuncture yesterday, I told her that I felt like an old lady, listing off all of my many complaints. She just smiled and said that since I wasn’t getting any sleep, my body was breaking down. Ah, lovely.

At some point during this week, I got the genius idea to eat away my anxiety and discomfort. Right. Because that always works. Needless to say, it just made me feel full and gross on top of that other stuff.

Random updates:

I had a little scare a couple of weeks ago. I went to see the midwife because I was feeling pressure and cramping in my abdomen. In the three minutes that the midwife was examining me, she said I’d had two contractions. I didn’t feel either of these contractions. I was like, “Wait, you mean I can have contractions and not even know it?!” Apparently, I can. She sent me to the hospital for monitoring just to be on the safe side. Five hours later it was determined that I was not in premature labor (phew!) and that baby and I were fine. On the upside, I got to listen to the little fish’s heartbeat for five hours. That was pretty cool.

In other news, I passed my glucose screening…just barely. The cutoff at my doctors office is 140 and I got a 138. The midwife just said to watch my sugar intake. I of course went online to doctor Google after the visit and saw that the cutoff at some doctors offices is 130, which made me nervous that my midwife wasn’t being cautious enough and I actually have gestational diabetes and my baby will be born a 20 pound mutant with laser eyes. Anyway, I digress.

How I look:

How Baby looks:

So I said I would never get a 3D ultrasound. I thought they were creepy and expensive and I just didn’t get why anyone would want alien-esque pictures of a baby squished in a uterus. Well, guess what? This can be number one on what I’m sure will be a long list of stuff I say I’ll never do as a parent and then proceed to do. Because yesterday Tim and I got a 3D ultrasound and it was awesome! Turns out when it’s your kid, it’s not that creepy. Still kind of alien, don’t get me wrong, but in a cute way. What changed my mind? I wanted to see my baby again…now. Pure, simple impatience.

I also said, emphatically, (number two on the list!) that I would never post pictures of the inside of my uterus in a public place. But since this blog is about babymaking and most people reading it are family or friends (or are at least interested in babymaking), I’m going to revise my stance and post pictures from the 3D ultrasound here.

So if seeing pictures of the inside of my ute makes you squeamish, halt!

Consider yourself warned.

Because here they come…

Look at the little smile!

22 thoughts on “29 Weeks & Alien Baby Pictures

  1. Hi Tanya,
    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great, but you and the baby look phenomenal. I hope your AC was able to help give you some relief. Thinking of you! xxoo

  2. Tanya, I passed the glucose screening three times I think, but had a 10 lb baby anyway! And she does not have laser eyes, but may be an alien. It would explain a lot!

    Love, Eileen

  3. Hi Tanya, Have you tried swimming for exercise and pain relief? It’s something else I found that helped me when I was having Britt. Sometimes I would just sit on the steps and read over the side for an hour or more. Did your midwife suggest you up your protien and fiber intake slightly to counter act and balance the glucose/insulin increase during pregnancy? Give it a try and see if a little of your energy comes back:) Your daughter is beautiful, those 3D pictures are fantastic! Lots of Love, Lisa

  4. I love that smile! So glad you shared after all. And yes, you should seriously dropkick those “it gets worse” people. No one knows your future – but your present reality is huge fatigue, and I wish you good deep dreaming sleep very soon!

  5. i don’t think anything can prepare you for baby’s arrival fully! and those people don’t realize that they’re preparing you for the massive amounts of parenting advice you’re going to get…even from strangers on the street – everyone is an expert.

  6. I am so sorry you are not sleeping. Insomnia stinks! (Personally I think it is worse than being up in the middle of the night with baby because at least with baby there is a tangible reason to be up!) I love how happy your little girl is! What a great 3D pic of her!

  7. Miss Tanya,

    I just want you to know how much I love you! You and your little girl are beautiful. You will feel more like yourself in time, so please be easy on you right now. Tell Tim that I love him too!

    Love, Auntie Susie

  8. You look so freakin’ cute! Now these are the pics of yourself you will look back on and love. I personally wouldn’t worry much about the glucose thing – I was right on the edge too with Liam and had to test twice. I just kept thinking, “Please don’t let me not be able to have sugar – I’m pregnant! That’s all I have!”:) I wish you were getting some sleep though…bad times. Maybe she’s getting it all out now and when she’s born she’ll be so tired from romping she’ll sleep through the night?!? xoxo–Molly

    1. Haha, ok, good to hear your opinion on the glucose thing. I’ve been thinking the same thing as you were–I have to watch my sugar, really? REALLY? But, but, WHAT ABOUT BROWNIES?!

  9. Nearing the end of my pregnancy (and you are!), I went through a I-hate-everyone-and-everything phase. God help the person who called and woke me up from my daily afternoon naps. The insomnia, aches and pains on top of the never-ending baby worries does you in. Be kind to yourself, you are creating an actual life – there’s nothing that takes more work! Feed yourself, that little girl is taking all the nutrients and energy you put into it. And those helpful comments? Sleeplessness from pregnancy sucks, but sleeplessness because you spent the night holding a tiny little person who loves you more than life is all worth it.

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