25 Weeks

Hello, 25! What a nice, solid number. I like the way it looks.

How I’m Feeling:

Excuse me, what? Did you say something? Sorry, I missed it because I am so overwhelmingly absentminded. Yes, Pregnancy Brain is in full force. This is quite a challenge because the non-pregnant me is also absentminded. So now it’s like I’m scatterbrained to the umpteenth power.

Oh and I’m dropping everything. Everything. The other night I dropped the ketchup bottle right into a big plate of hamburger fixings. Tim thought it was hilarious, but I was kind of freaked out. According to What to Expect When You’re Expecting, the “dropsies” are a totally normal pregnancy symptom. Of course, the non-pregnant me is also quite clumsy. So, again, I’m screwed.

I’m also verrrrry sleepy. And I don’t much feel like moving. If I could sit on my couch and watch never-ending episodes of the ABC family drama Switched At Birth, I’d be golden. Alas, I have to go to work and stuff. Damn.

The highlight of my week was when our friends Drew and Susie brought over boxes and boxes of baby clothes.

You can’t really get a good sense from this picture, but there is a boatload of stuff—tights, onesies, shoes, dresses, you name it—all the way up to 18 months. Our little lady is set! Drew and Susie have two little girls and now they’re pregnant again, but they’re having a boy this time. So I get all of their girl stuff! (Fun fact: Susie is the person who made me the Hope Street signs back in September.)

I started going through the clothes after they left last night and I had to stop myself because I could have kept at it until dawn. Let me tell you, looking at those things made me so happy. I got particularly sappy over a plain, pale-pink onesie that was embroidered, very subtly, with the words, “I love my daddy.” Just imagining my little fish wearing that and Tim holding her was too much for my hormone-addled brain to handle.

How I look:

Here I am at 25 weeks with Susie, who is due about a month before me. I’m excited for our babies to be best buds.

10 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. Yeah! Glad you are having fun sorting through the clothes. We were really afraid we were overwhelming you with the quantity

  2. I have to say that I LOVE these updates. I am always that person that wants to know everything about people’s pregnancies, and I’m so happy to read about yours each week. You will use all of those clothes; isn’t that mind-boggling? It’s so fun that you have a friend to be pregnant with. Also, it’s great that you are not dropping tons of stuff AND too huge to pick it up. That comes later, and gets you used to how messy kids are anyway…

  3. I am with you on going through the baby clothes. When I first sorted through C’s clothes, I would bring each outfit out and show it to my husband and gush about how cute it was. Now that I’m packing up the little sizes, I do the same thing. It’s a vicious cycle.

    1. Haha, interesting question. Does she need more clothes? Probably not? But then again, I have no idea since I’ve never had a baby before. But I say that, no matter what, Grandma can order whatever she wants! I think she’s good on newborn clothes, though. I heard they grow out of them at lightening speed!

  4. hate to tell you but the pregnancy brain and dropsies never really go away, lol!! you look fab and you are so lucky to have such a great friend to share the experience with and hook you up with clothes!!!

  5. Yay! the more clothes the better, less laundry! you guys look great! this little girl is going to be so loved.

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