24 Weeks

24 weeks! Only four months left to go—less if you’re going by calendar months and not pregnancy months. Pretty crazy.

I have plenty of things I want to talk about on here, other than weekly pregnancy updates, but these weekly posts seem to be all I have time or mental energy for. So many thoughts are racing through my head right now, though—about family and impending parenthood and a billion other things—so I’ll have to try and sit down sometime and get a few of them on “paper” soon.

Until then…

How I’m feeling: Physically pretty good, but I’m really, really tired.  My round ligament pain hasn’t shown its face in a while, so last week I made it to three yoga classes—two regular, low-intensity and one prenatal! It felt incredible. I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until I went back.

The only other new symptom is Extreme Fullness. Like I’m carrying around a cement block and a baby in my stomach.

Mentally, I’m not feeling so hot. I’ve been pretty low these last few days, but there’s a lot going on other than the pregnancy—job drama, family illness, settling into new house etc.—so I don’t think hormones are totally to blame for that. The no-sleep trend continues, which I’m sure does not help matters.

The joy of my week has been feeling Baby move around like crazy. It seems like every day I notice her presence more and more. She feels like a little fish flopping around in there. Sometimes she moves so hard that it’s startling, and it always makes me giggle.

How I look:

Note the caricature of my parents in their twenties behind me. You can't really see it because of the glare, but my dad had a killer 'stache.

4 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. You look great, Tanya! Remember that these crazy pregnancy hormones can do a number on your mood. I definitely go from very low one week to high another. And oddly, my prenatal yoga class — which makes me feel so much better physically — sometimes makes me feel worse emotionally! I think it’s too much time with my thoughts 🙂 Hope your week turns around a bit!

  2. you look fab!!!
    sorry to hear emotionally you have been through so much. I am sure it is very hard right now to balance all of the pain, grief, happiness, anxiety that your life has dealt you. I second what Jess said above . . .the hormones really do a number on rationality and make everything THAT much more intense. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to feel what you feel (don’t stuff anything inside- the toxicity isn’t good for you or the little one).
    Wishing you a peaceful week!

  3. You look great as always. Take each day as it comes and deal with the present only. The past is over and we don’t know the future. You have a healthy baby girl swimming around in your belly and a super loving husband by your side. What more can a girl want today? I know that one thing that always helped me to get back to sleep when I was pregnant, was to lie perfectly still on my back and practice my yoga deep breaths, it always seemed to work. Sometome it took a while but it worked. Just remember that you are surrounded by love both near and far. I love you baby girl with all my heart – Mom.

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