23 Weeks: She Moves!

Only 17 weeks ’til I meet my little lady. Hurray!

Tim’s school was on spring break this week, so I took off as well to join him for a staycation. The week was anything but relaxing. It involved cleaning the old house (which is now ready for renters), unpacking the new house (which is still not done, holy crap) and checking out daycares (I think we found one). But still. It was way better than being at work, and I am grateful to have this time to get the new house set up before Baby arrives. Today, at last, we are going to spend the day relaxing, starting with omelets and continuing with a 24: Season 4 marathon. Boring? Perhaps. But whatever. Boring is my middle name these days.

How I’m feeling: Pretty damn good! I’m still really tired and don’t get much restful sleep, but otherwise I’m mostly symptom free. I bought a body pillow and that really seems to help with the back pain. I also found a prenatal yoga class that doesn’t trigger round ligament pain and helps with the back. Score for me.

Mentally, I’m doing better. Even though this week wasn’t luxuriously relaxing, I think having a few days away from real life helped calm me down. Also, I had an appointment with the new midwifery and that went well. Both Tim and I liked the vibe there a lot. The midwife I saw was nice enough, but I wasn’t overwhelmingly in love with her or anything. I will see a different midwife each time, though, so I’m not stuck with this one. I heard Baby’s heartbeat again, which always helps relax me a little bit. The midwife said her heart “couldn’t sound healthier.” Go, Baby, go!

Movement: This brings me to the most exciting development of the last week—I finally felt her move! For real. I was convinced that what I was feeling was gas or my own mental delusions, but Tim put his hand on my stomach, felt it and was like, “You’re crazy! That’s exactly what I would imagine a baby kick to feel like!” It’s still very subtle and not at all consistent, but it’s awesome to feel. And not to mention wildly reassuring.

How I look: I’m starting to look like a legit pregnant lady. I had my first experience the other day where someone who didn’t know me asked if I was expecting. Exciting! I’m also getting larger all over. In the three weeks between doctor’s appointments I gained six pounds. Six! I suspect at least some of that has to do with all the take out we’ve been eating lately. But yeah, in addition to my belly, my thighs and arms are expanding rapidly. And it’s weird. But I digress—I could, and probably will, devote an entire post to the subject of pregnancy weight gain. Anyway, here’s another belly picture. Have a great Easter Sunday, everyone!

3 thoughts on “23 Weeks: She Moves!

  1. That’s so exciting that you felt the baby move. There is nothing like that feeling. You look fablous. There is definetly a bigger bump than last time.

  2. you look fab!! such wonderful news in this post!! was a busy weekend here, but will be emailing you back soon 🙂 have a great Monday- hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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