20 Weeks: Halfway!

I had my anatomy scan yesterday. They measured Baby’s bones and organs and a bunch of other good stuff. They confirmed that she is still a she. And, most importantly, they told us that she looks healthy!

Baby was squirming around the whole time and she looked at the camera so much that the tech called her a little poser.  It was incredible to see her miniature feet, her tiny bones and her sweet profile. I kept telling Tim that she looks pretty based on her profile shot and he laughed at me. But whatevs, Tim, she looks pretty!

The thing that cracks me up is that they printed us out a between-the-legs shot—I guess so we have tangible proof that she is a girl. Our daughter is going to loooove seeing that one in fifteen years!

How I’m feeling: Exhausted. But that’s mostly because we moved into a new house on Wednesday, and moving sucks, pregnant or not. My insomnia has actually improved since the move. Score! My newest symptom is back pain. I’m looking into some stretches I can do to ease this. Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good physically.

Mentally? I’m not going to lie, the events with my doctor last week really took a toll on my mental state. I was shaken for the rest of last week (and still kind of am). But after seeing my little girl yesterday, I’m starting to feel better. I talked to a midwife from my soon-to-be new practice on the phone yesterday evening (she was great), and someone from that office should be calling me to set up an appointment in the next few days.

Overall, I’m feeling extremely grateful to be 20 weeks pregnant and to be growing a healthy little lady!

How I look: Here’s a 20 week pic, taken in our new house.

I can't believe I'm halfway there!



7 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Halfway!

  1. our 20 week ultrasound profile pic looks EXACTLY like our little live Piper!! I swear!! So glad to hear all is well and hope you can take it easy even with the move and all. Good luck with the back pain- I swear by my chiropractor and a heating pad!!! Oh and a wedge pillow to sleep with under your belly at night- loved it!

  2. Hi Beautiful,

    You look absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy for all the good news. Thinking of you & let’s chat for real sometime soon!


  3. Wow! You look wonderful! My doctor’s advice for joint and back pain was yoga. I found a DVD online for pregnant women. It worked out great because I could use it at any hour!! 3:00 am sometimes!! San Diego Family Loves You!!

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