Scared and Switching Doctors

I had a horrible encounter with my doctor’s office today. I had been feeling iffy about my doctor from the get-go, but this incident has me convinced that I need to switch.

Without getting too graphic—since I know my brothers read this blog—I was worried yesterday that there was a chance I might be leaking amniotic fluid. This is not a good thing, especially early on in a pregnancy. My symptoms had cleared up by this morning, but I decided to call my doctor’s office anyway, just for peace of mind. I wanted to know what I should be looking for, should I ever experience those symptoms again.

I called this morning, left a message with the OB coordinator (you can’t even leave a message for a nurse or doctor in this place), and waited until 3:30 when she finally called me back. I described to her what was going on and explained that it seemed to have cleared up. Initially, she said that I was fine and that if I were actually leaking amniotic fluid, I would know it. Then, after I pumped her for a little more information, she changed on a dime and said that I needed to go to the hospital immediately. She said, and I quote, “If you don’t go, your baby may die.” I was confused. Hadn’t she just said I was fine two seconds ago? I asked her for clarification and she said, huffily, “Hold on, let me talk to the doctor.”

Wait, shouldn’t she have talked to the doctor in the first place before saying my baby might die?

So she got back on the phone and said that since my symptoms have stopped, I didn’t need to go to the hospital, but I should be seen in the office the next day. Then she said that if the symptoms returned before my appointment, I needed to go to the hospital immediately because this was a very serious situation.

Then she transferred me to the scheduling agent. The scheduling chick was like, “Hmmmm…there’s no time for anyone to see you tomorrow. Are you sure you don’t just want to go to the hospital right now?” At this point, I was totally freaked out, so of course I said, “Yes! I will go to the hospital.”

Then she put me on hold again. When she returned she said, “Actually, you can’t go to the hospital because this isn’t an emergency.”

Huh? Are these people playing mind games with me? One minute they’re telling me that this is a very serious situation, possibly resulting in the death of my baby. And now it’s no big deal?

So I of course told her that they were scaring me with all of this back and forth. She said she’d have the OB coordinator call me back and hung up post-haste.

At this point I was in tears. The OB coordinator called back and told me that the doctor could see me at 2:30 tomorrow.  So I said, “Just to clarify here, I don’t need to go to the hospital?” She said no and hung up without another word.

Okaaaaaaay. So…WTF? I wasn’t worried at all until I called the doctor for peace of mind. Forget about the fact that I never got to talk to a doctor, but I got the exact opposite of peace of mind. I think baby and I are ok. If my symptoms return, I’ll go to the hospital tonight, otherwise I’ll keep my 2:30 appointment. But now I am really scared and sad and upset.

I could use some virtual hugs. And maybe some positive thoughts and prayers thrown in the mix. I’ll keep you guys updated.

13 thoughts on “Scared and Switching Doctors

  1. Here’s your hug. Sounds like a very bad day, and there is no excuse for running the drs. Office like that. Here’s another hug.

  2. I’m so sorry those sad sacks couldn’t refrain from saying such ridiculous, contradictory, scary things! I’m sure you’ve considered this, but having a midwife and a doula to call were amazingly helpful to me. They gave me their cell phone numbers and were incredibly kind and not fear-mongering. Pregnancy is incredibly weird and sometimes you need someone to say, “I’m sure this is fine. But just in case, let me check it out!” Totally sending you hugs, love, and peace. And hoping you find the right doctor for you!

  3. Ugh. This was uncalled for and so unprofessional. You are so right to switch doctors. ASAP! And do whatever you need to do to get peace of mind. If you want to go to the hospital to get things checked out, that is your right. You are learning how to advocate for yourself and your baby. It can be a difficult lesson, but we mama bears are behind you. Consider yourself hugged!

  4. Ugh! I had a similar situation with my twin pregnancy – thought about switching, but didn’t and REGRETTED it big time. I think my pregnancy would have ended WAY better if I had switched. Go with your gut! If at any time you feel like something is not right – go to the hospital. It’s better to be safe, if everything is fine, they’ll just send you home. Big hugs to you! Hang in there Mama.

  5. wow! you would think they would have gotten down handling the whole first-time-pregnant-don’t-know-what-to-expect scares. switching doctors sounds like a good idea. you always hope that your doctor will have your back and be aware, but it’s true that you have to advocate for yourself and your baby! praying for you and keep us updated! and let me know if you need my midwives’ number again 🙂 i still highly recommend them!

  6. Seriously, Tanya, that’s a horrible experience. Glad you are switching doctors. It took me over a year to switch Abby’s pediatrician because I figured they were all the same. I was so wrong and making the move was the best decision I could have made. With this pregnancy, I just got a very anxious vibe from my new ob (and I do not need someone more anxious than me!) so I switched right away. Do it. Tomorrow. You should not have to wait like that to talk to a nurse. And getting that kind of runaround is horrible. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Hugs to you.

  7. Tanya

    I agree with you. If the symptoms return go to the hospital immediately. If not keep your appointment with your Doctor this afternoon. Then find a new Doctor with good references.


  8. How wrong your doctors assistant is. She should never have said those terrible things. I agree chane doctors right after your appointment today. And by all means if you think you should go to the hospital then do it. Tell the doctor what the assistant said to you. That is just wrong. Lots of hugs and prayers to you. LoveMom

  9. That is so unprofessional, not to mention insensitive to worried pregnant women. I would definitely consider switching doctors, they are there to help you! I hope your appointment today is reassuring. Sending you hugs!

  10. Hey, I’m sure you and baby are fine (probably a common discharge), but you should DEFINITELY switch doctors. You want to feel 100% confident when you deliver!

  11. I am so sorry I missed this post! BUT am so glad that all is well and really really hope you find someone that you love working with. TRUST ME it is sooooo important to have a doctor and doctor’s office that supports you and never gives you the run around or makes you feel like you are not a priority. UGH I am frustrated for you! I think I need to make sure I get emails when you post – cuz i feel terrible i missed being there for you when you needed a virtual hug!

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