17 Weeks

I’m a little late on this one. Tim and I are closing on a new house tomorrow, so we’ve both been busy trying to get everything together for that. In spite of the madness, I wanted to post a pic and let you guys know that I’m feeling pretty good this week (I even slept a couple of nights, woo!). I think the bump looks a little bigger, right?

Again, photo quality not so great. But you get the idea.

My friend told me that it looks like I’m carrying a boy. What do you guys think? Is it too early to tell?

Many of you asked if I’m going to find out the gender and the answer to that question is a resounding HELL YES! I can’t imagine not knowing as soon as possible. I feel like knowing will help me bond with the little one. If Baby is cooperative, we should find out at our ultrasound on March 19th. I can’t wait! It seems unbearably far away right now. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

Have a great rest of the week!

10 thoughts on “17 Weeks

  1. Everyone (even people in the check-out line of Home Depot) told me I was having a boy. It was actually so unanimous (except for our 3 year-old nephew who swore girl), that we started to believe it. Low and behold, Abigail was born. So I think all that “carrying” business is a bunch of hooey. But you don’t have too much time to wait — good luck at the u/s! And closing on the house! Big year of exciting changes for you guys. And yes, your bump looks slightly bigger…you look fabulous!

  2. What a cute little bump. I think it’s a boy. I have a fifty – fifty chance of being right. Glad you are feeling better. Good luck with the closing.

  3. Super cute bump! The heart rate wives tale always worked with ours – I think it was above 140, meant girl and below meant boy. Mairin was always in the 150s and I think the twins were in the 120s. Maybe it was just a coincidence 😉 Can’t wait to hear the gender news! Good luck with the closing and move!

  4. amen for the bump!! everyone also told me I looked like I was having a boy as well- I think it is all just old wives tales 🙂 hope baby is cooperative- see if you can get your doc to send you to a 3d/4d ultrasound- they are amazing!!

    best of luck settling on the house- so exciting!

  5. Everytime I talked about the baby when I was pregnant I said “she” and it was a girl.congrats on the new house.. You look cute . Even though it’s hard to wait, take it slow and enjoy every moment because once that baby comes, life moves very fast. Take time to breathe, telax, and reflect. My Amber is turning 15 this month and I often wonder where did the time go?I love you sis, take it one day at a time.

  6. my sister carried high and narrow, and had a boy. my family swore i would have a girl because i carried lower and wider… i had a boy…

  7. If your A– gets big it’s a girl and I only can say this because I had one! But your butt is looking mighty tiny so I’m guessing boy HAHA! Love you T, you look fantastic!

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