16 Weeks

So here I sit, 16 weeks pregnant. Hot damn! Still seems crazy to me. Thank you all for your congrats!

I think I’m going to post weekly (or maybe bi-weekly) updates about my pregnancy journey on here. If this is boring to any of you lovely readers (and I totally understand if it is because a few years ago weekly pregnancy updates would’ve made me want to shoot myself in the head), I promise I won’t be offended if you skip them.

So here goes:

How I’m feeling
So. Effing. Tired. Despite having insomnia this entire pregnancy, I was not really tired my first trimester. Now? Forget about it. I can barely keep my eyes open. I thought the second trimester was supposed to be a time of blissful energy and pregnancy glow? Not so much. The nausea, however, is gone (hooray) and I am joyfully back to eating wasabi peas and siracha sauce. Strangely, though, I have very little appetite. I think that’s because I’ve been making sure to eat every two to three hours, which leads me to another symptom: dizziness. I almost passed out in my work cafeteria last week and ended up stumbling to a table and sitting there with my head down for five minutes. The place was packed and my office is way to cool for school, so I got some interesting looks. It was pretty hilarious, actually. But anyway, after that incident, I decided not to let my blood sugar get low ever again. The other two new symptoms are round ligament pain and shortness of breath. Pretty much walking anywhere makes makes me winded. And climbing the stairs? Whew!

How I look
Excuse the piss-poor photo quality, but here you can see I have the ever-so-slightest of bumps. Yay!

So I guess I should, like, start planning or something?
Until now I’ve been taking this pregnancy strictly day by day. It was really the only way I could deal with the anxiety. But now I’m thinking that it’s time to start looking ahead. There’s going to be a baby in my house in six months, so I should probably start planning for its arrival, right? Here’s where I want to ask for help from you guys. Please recommend any good  pregnancy products I might need, products to get for baby, things I should start doing now (looking into daycares?), and ways I can prepare for baby that I might not be thinking about. I don’t know, just anything you think might be helpful for me to think about in the next few months! Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I did break down and buy some maternity pants recently, and last week I bought my first item for baby–a set of two Phillies pacifiers! Both of these things made me feel like I was taking a step away from anxiety and a step towards joy.

15 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. so glad to have an update and the pic is just sooo cute! you are going to have the perfect little baby bump!!

    are you going to find out the sex?

    my advice is start researching now and get a registry together- it will get you thinking (although register for minimal clothes! people will buy you tons regardless). someone lent me “baby bargains” – i think that is the name- and it had really great advice. although the reviews on target and babies r us really helped as well.

    glad to hear the nausea has subsided- be super careful on the blood sugar level- i too struggled- and still do with that. OJ is a lifesaver.

    yippppeeee- still sooo excited for you!! oh and you will love that my runner friends threw me a runner themed shower yesterday and my acupuncturist came!! it was so special that she was there!!!! amen for eastern medicine and the amazing people who bring it into our lives!

    1. OMG, I am definitely finding out the sex. I have NO IDEA how people wait. Plus, I feel like it will help me bond with the little bean. That is so cute that your acupuncturist came to your shower–I love that! And that’s so nice that you’re running friends threw you a special shower. I’m thinking of attempting to get back into running again post-baby, that is if my neck injury allows. I’ll shoot you an email about jogging strollers.

  2. Adorable, you. I just sent a spreadsheet of registry items (created originally by Sarah and adapted by me) to your yahoo address. I bolded the things you need most. Thanks for the update on the pregnancy. Girl, I’m so excited for you!

  3. Baby Best is looking good from the outside. So happy I get to see the bump in person this weekend. I agree about a registry and to go easy on the clothes. Babies pretty much live in onesies for the first six months.

  4. I think first, you should buy a new house! Registering for stuff is good too, probably at Target (hint,hint). And Amazon. Getting the jump on baseball teams is simply not fair, now I have to find Yankees bibs! Or I can leave that to the vast Carroll network. You should not have to buy much, just register for what you think is important. Boy or girl? Can’t wait to know!

  5. You look fantastic, as I figured you would! Word of warning about registering…it is not nearly as much fun as registering for a wedding. But it must be done and I can’t say enough good things about the Baby Bargains book, especially for researching the biggies — stroller, crib, car seat. Also, if you have another pregnant friend who already registered, go and copy their registry online as much as possible before stepping foot in a store to register. It’s a tad overwhelming. I’ll send you my top 5 must-haves for the newborn days that I recently shared with Linds!

    So, so happy for you guys!

    Hope your energy picks up soon…the 20’s (weeks, that is) are where it’s at 🙂


  6. Love hearing about your pregnancy! I am often light-headed and dizzy when pregnant. Staying hydrated has always helped me a lot and eating salty things (just in case you need an excuse to eat potato chips….)

  7. You look absolutely lovely 🙂 So excited for you!! I was a big fan of the Baby Bargains book as well to help narrow down the options out there for strollers, bouncy seats, etc. The first time I went into Babies R Us I spent about 5 minutes and ran out – the place was CRAZY overwhelming. I mean who knew there were 700 different brands of bottles out there!! That’s when I got a list from an experienced Mom friend and went in the next time with a game plan. Good luck Mama – looking forward to following your journey.

  8. I second the comment that baby registering is not nearly as fun as wedding! But it’s still mostly fun. I don’t have much experience with what has worked and hasn’t worked for me and Colin, but I can tell you that diapers.com is my best friend…great website, great prices, and they always have free shipping and coupon deals for you or your shower guests! also, this is wayyy too early, but when you have to choose a pediatrician, I HIGHLY recommend Center City Pediatrics. They visit you in the hospital and they have been absolutely fantastic for me!

  9. Hi Tanya, just stumbled onto your blog! Wow! Congrats. I had no idea. I hope your feeling ok. I look forward to seeing your bump pictures. You will be a wonderful mother.

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