Oh, the holidays. ‘Tis the season of craziness. I blame them for my shoddy blog performance as of late. I promise to be better once the New Year rolls around. Right now I’m having trouble focusing for more than 2.5 seconds.

I wanted to take a moment to say that in just a few days, I will have been sober for three months. Three months! So far it has been pretty smooth. I would say the holiday season is the hardest it’s been yet, but definitely still manageable.

For example, my work party. I walked in to this.

How did this chick not pass out?

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. That is indeed a woman in a bodysuit, hanging upside down and pouring drinks. Now who wouldn’t want that lady to pour them a nice cocktail?

Also, let’s face it. I always feel socially awkward at big parties, especially work parties. A little upside-down drink  would have helped me feel more comfortable. But instead, I snacked on some appetizers, chatted for a few minutes and rolled out before the dance floor started going strong. Did I feel lame? A little. Maybe in time I will learn how to not drink and still have a killer time at these functions, but I’m not there yet. And I’m okay with that.

Thanksgiving, on the other hand, was less of a problem. First of all, only four out of the twelve people at my house were drinking, so being in the majority made it easier. Secondly, since I wasn’t guzzling wine before dinner, I found that I wasn’t as full after my huge meal as I usually am. I didn’t have to change into sweatpants or lay on the floor. Score! Plus, I was just so happy to be spending time with my mom and the rest of my fam, that alcohol was pretty far from the forefront of my mind.

I still don’t feel any of the drastic changes people describe after giving up the sauce. My energy level is the same. I still have trouble getting out of bed and being productive on the weekends (case in point, I am writing this blog post from bed on a Sunday morning). But I do feel healthier. It’s a subtle thing, for sure. But overall, I feel more balanced, both physically and mentally. I also feel like I have more control over my thoughts and actions (in a good way—not a calorie counting, borderline eating disorder way).

That said, I saw a Jameson ad on Facebook the other day and got all nostalgic. That was my shot of choice, as well a major bonding activity with my best girl, Jill. So I’m still glad this whole abstaining thing isn’t permanent. But who knows, maybe when I do start drinking again, I’ll be able to just have a glass of wine or two with dinner and not feel the need to keep going until the bottle is sucked dry.

A girl can dream, right?

5 thoughts on “Soberista

  1. Good going Tanya. I agree with you that going to parties is the hardest when you are not drinking. Maybe next time you go to a party you will feel comfortable in staying and enjoying the dancing. It is still as much fun when you are sober.

  2. Whatever dude, we dont need jamo to bond!! We have knitting:) haha. Seriously, im so so proud of your commitment. It’s incredibly admirable. And ill be your best gal always, sober or not!

  3. Awsome job Tanya,if and when you decide to have some sauce,you will probably feel differently about it.i now feel like I am in control food instead of food being in control of me(food was my vice of choice)I also used to be a big social drinker,but more then one or two drinks now and I dont like it.

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