A Thousand Thanks

My mom and pops at my wedding.

My mom had a stroke on Monday night. She is fine, but has limited use of her left arm. The doctors say it should be as good as new with time. They ran a bunch of tests and found no cause. Apparently this is common in Stroke Land. They suspect it’s not caused by her cancer, but from the stress of having cancer. Fun, right? They’re discharging her from the hospital today and they cleared her to travel to Philadelphia tomorrow. She insists on still coming to Thanksgiving, even though we assured her we would go up there instead. I think she’s crazy, but I will honor her wishes. All I care about at this point is that she is ok. I’ll do whatever she wants and needs. Plus, when Rightwood says she’s doing something, it’s best not to mess with her.

I guess all I want to say to you guys is this: hug your loved ones extra tight tomorrow. Because every moment you have with them is a gift.

Happy Thanksgiving. I know I’m extremely thankful this year.

10 thoughts on “A Thousand Thanks

  1. You are the sweetest girl. I love you soo much. I too have a lot to be thankful for. See you tomorrow.
    Love Mom

  2. I am thinking of you all and continuing to pray for you every day. You are amazing and are dealing incredibly well with one hard thing after another. Thank you for posting those sweet pictures of your mama — it was nice to see her lovely face.

  3. My love and prayers are with you and your mom. Please wish your family a happy Thanksgiving. Tell your folks that I’ll see them next week.

  4. you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers always. i just know you will have a glorious thanksgiving holding each other tight and filling your lives with love and laughter.

    thinking of you as always:)

  5. I will def hug both of you and thank God Peggy is such a strong woman. Can’t wait to see you both. Oh, and Tim too!

  6. Our prayers are with you, your mom and everyone as touched by this blog as I am. You are both so strong and its a lesson to us all to keep positve. I hope you still enjoyed your vegan thanksgiving!

  7. Tanya, you have always been a lovely person. You are a strong woman and so is your mother. Thinking positive thoughts for both of you. Good things will come.

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