Ciao, Caffeine! Mwah!

The final cup. (Don't even think about making fun of my Tinkerbell mug.)

Next up on the chopping block: caffeine. As a matter of fact I’m drinking my last cup of coffee…now.

Lest you start thinking, ‘Seriously? You’re cutting out something else awesome? What is with you?’ I will share why. Number one, caffeine makes me feel like crap. I get the jitters, big time. Even just one cup of half-caff (which is what I’ve been drinking these days) makes me all keyed up and anxious. And I’m already anxious enough, thank you very much.

I’ve tried to give up caffeine before for this reason and failed. But now that I’ve successfully ditched alcohol (one month and counting), I’m feeling pretty cocky. Me against caffeine? I’m totally winning that fight. Boom!

Plus, if I proclaim on this blog that I’m going to do something, I pretty much have to do it. Otherwise, I’ll feel like an idiot.

Reason number two: fertility. Just as there have been studies saying alcohol negatively effects fertility, there have been the same studies for caffeine. And just like with the alcohol studies, there are also studies saying that caffeine has no effect. But why chance it? Especially if I know it makes me feel bad anyway.

I think this one might be a little trickier to navigate than alcohol, though, because caffeine is in lots of stuff, including chocolate. I may not cut out chocolate completely. Even I’m not that crazy. I’ll have to ponder it some more. But I’m going to attempt to keep chocolate to a minimum, since I’m trying to chill with the amount of sugar I eat anyway. But coffee is definitely out, as well as caffeinated tea and any type of soda.

So there you have it. My next step on the road to health. This has been a fun journey so far. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

18 thoughts on “Ciao, Caffeine! Mwah!

  1. WOW! I have given up alcohol, all animal products, but I would really hate to give up coffee. Unlike you, it does not have any ill effects on me. But if I see enough compelling evidence that it promotes cancer, then out it goes. I had to quit drinking coffee many years ago and I remember that the first few days were hard, but after that I didn’t miss it. Good luck! Love Mom

  2. Givinng up caffeine was harder for me than giving up alcohol. Where at this point I have no desire to drink alchol, I still would enjoy a cup of tea now and then. However, I have managed to stay away from the caffeine as well.

  3. I have considered this one as well. I have even bought the herbal non caffienated tea. Coffe also makes me jittery but I continue to drink. Maybe I’ll take the plunge with you. It’s not good for my blood pressure. Well see. Getting healthy feels good.good luck.

  4. Okay, I had my last diet coke. I did give up caffeine when I was pregnant, but after having a 10 pound baby, I decided I would drink coffee, smoke (which I never did) and drink margaritas through the next pregnancy. Luckily it didn’t happen.

  5. chocolate can be theraputic. I have switched to dark chocolate better taste now that I don’t eat much sugar. We have a small operation that makes organic vegan chocolate that is to die for. I even know one of the choclatiers. I will have to send you and mom some. They actually made some for ellen degeneres and carved her logo out of it. I think I will try herbal tea tomarrow.

  6. There are some GREAT herbal teas out there that can help fill the void a little. If you’re anything like me, drinking coffee is for the oral fixation as much as it is for the caffeine. Let me know if you need any suggestions! I’ll break out my old tea shop knowledge.

    1. Yes, need recommendations! I’ve been having a cup of decaf (which technically has a tiny bit of caffeine, but whatever), but it would be nice to have options because I eventually want to get off the decaf, too.

  7. You’re amazing! I hope the withdrawal headaches are not too much — I had a few when I gave up coffee at first. Just remember — this is a time in your life, and you are making incredible sacrifices to meet a goal. You will not always have to give up so much! Or, the things you give up will shift. I no longer get to sleep adequate hours, so I drink coffee. The trade-offs we make in life correlate with what we are working on at that time. You are an inspiration to me!

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