Get Out Of Town

Beautiful Vermont, the home of my heart.

Tim and I drove to Vermont on Saturday to stay at the inn where we got married. We could not have asked for a sweeter fall weekend. Leaves were at their peak of color, pumpkins and mums dotted every windowsill and doorway, and the sky was the most brilliant shade of cloudless blue.

We stopped at a country store:

We rode bikes:

We discovered a secret apple orchard in the woods:

We pretended to play tennis:

We even watched It’s A Wonderful Life:

But still. Even with all of that awesomeness, it was a bittersweet weekend. The last time we were at the inn we experienced crazy amounts of joy. And while there are still plenty of things to be joyful about, I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between then and now.

I still thought about my mom all weekend. I still obsessed about the fact that I hadn’t ovulated yet this cycle. I still worried about a lot of things. The cares of my daily life were there, but they were muted just enough to allow me to enjoy the scenery and appreciate my time with Tim.

One of the last things we did before leaving was to trek out to the meadow where we held our wedding ceremony.

Hurricane Irene gave Vermont a serious beat-down, so much of the land around the inn was damaged. The bridge leading to the meadow was gone, forcing us to take a roundabout route.

It wasn’t much of a meadow anymore, but it was still there.

So we stood on the approximate spot where we tied the knot last August and said our vows to each other again.

And although our one-year anniversary has come and gone, I’d like to raise a cranberry and club soda in toast. A toast to another 50 years of marriage. A toast to the hope that most of those years will be less bumpy than the first. A toast to the wild, wonderful children we will have. And, finally, a toast to my mom, who will love the crap out of those crazy-ass children for many years to come.


The Vows:
I will make you laugh when you’re sad.
I will take care of you when you’re sick.
I will support your dreams.
I will be your lifelong teammate, yet never lose sight of your individuality.
I will be the ear that listens to you, the shoulder you cry on.
I will be a stable force in your life, your shelter from the world.
I will always be kind.
I will be loyal, faithful and true.
I will love you to the end of this life and beyond.
Because of you, I am the luckiest person on earth.

6 thoughts on “Get Out Of Town

  1. The pictures are beautiful. You are right that I will love your babies for many long years to come. Here’s to you and Tim wishing you many many long years of joy and laughter. Your vows bring great comfort to me because I know that whatever happens in your life you will always have each other.
    PS thanks for bringing Hope Blvd to me.
    Love Mom

  2. Wow, Vermont in Autumn! How very romantic. I’m so glad you took some time to be together, in the midst of everything. It looks gorgeous, and I love your vows. They remind me of this quote: “Love consists of this: that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke.

  3. I’m tired of crying at work everytime you post a blog. Reading these at home from now on! You’re a great writer and friend. Maybe its ironic that your wedding site looked the way that it did, as if symbolic of all that can change in a year. What do they say, you can never go home again? You have each other and some great memories and plenty more to come. you can always be proud of that that you refuse to let anything change what you give to each other. Toast!

  4. glad you two could take some time to nurtue your marriage. Life gets challenging and busy you must take time to breath. I LOVE your vowsif you stay true to them you can conquer anything.just be patient and the baby thing will happen when it’s time. Bringing hope st to mom was an awsome gesture,you and tim rock. I love you!

  5. what a great chance for you two to enjoy each other and what a beautiful place!! and what true vows they are 🙂

    thinking of you . . ..

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