Thank you all for the outpouring of thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to ask you to keep them going a little while longer.

It turns out my mom’s cancer is stage IV. Let’s just say that’s pretty much the opposite of what we were hoping for. Surgery is not an option. Our best bet is to keep the cancer from spreading, which means my mom will need chemo treatments for the rest of her life. Not ideal, but my mom insists it’s not going to cramp her style.

I will say I definitely picked an interesting time to quit drinking. I may or may not have had multiple red velvet cupcakes last night, but I did not have a drink. And as much as I want one, I’m not going to do it. I not only owe it to myself and Baby-Best-Yet-To-Be to stay as healthy as possible, but I now I owe it to my mother as well.

As my mom said last night, “We need to widen Hope Street into a freeway.” So that is what we’ll do. Because there is nowhere to go but onward.

12 thoughts on “Update

  1. Tanya, I’m so sad to hear the news went in this direction. We are praying for your mom (and all of you by her side) for the best possible road ahead.


  2. Well as I was racing along Hope Freeway last night I made several decisions.

    1. I have quit drinking.
    2. I am going on a plant based diet. What the hell, it cannot hurt.
    3. I am LIVING with breast cancer and it is not going to conquer me.
    4. I am pissed and when Mrs. Rightwood gets pissed, WATCH OUT Mr. Cancer!

    Thank you to everyone who is cheering, praying and loving me. There is a big ferris wheel on Hope St. and I am at the very tippy top and a little scared, but I look down and on the ground are all of my family and friends waiting for me to get there and I am not so scared anymore.

    Love Peggy

  3. beyond sorry to hear that. I pray for your mom and your family at this time. Positive thinking works wonders and I believe in the power of prayer. Let me know if you need anything at all.

  4. That is some hard news. I will definitely keep up the prayer from here. Thank Jeebus for red velvet cupcakes. Your mom’s reply made me cry — she truly is amazing and you are blessed to have one another!

  5. your mom sounds like a wise and strong lady and I will be thinking of both of you on the next leg of the journey. bring on the red velvet 🙂

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