Calling All Thoughts, Prayers and Other Niceties

I got a call from my mom today at 5 p.m. sharp. I knew a phone call at the exact minute I was due to leave work could only be bad news. Unfortunately, I was right.

My mother’s cancer is back. Bam! That tricky-slick disease totally sucker punched us.

We don’t know what stage the cancer is in. We don’t know how good or bad the prognosis is. We don’t know anything, really. She has a PET scan tomorrow to determine all of these things. We’re hoping to have answers within 24 hours of the test.

For now, we wait. Speaking as someone who has gone through this before, my mother says this initial waiting is the hardest part.

While we are waiting, I would love it if you all could keep her in your thoughts. If you’re the praying kind, those would be great, too. If her cancer is local, we’re golden. Chances are she’ll need surgery and then she’s all set. No further action required. If it’s not local, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So, please, keep your fingers, thoughts and prayers crossed that we hear that magic word…local.

My mother survived her last round of cancer like a champ, managing to maintain a level of optimism and grace along the way that was inspiring. She is feisty, stubborn and incorrigible. If you try to tell her no, forget about it. You do not, and I repeat, do not, want to mess with her. Quite frankly, I’m surprised Mr. Cancer dared show his face around her again. Clearly, he must be a little slow on the uptake.

My mother told me tonight that she’ll be fine. You may not know this about her, but she is always right. My father and I often acknowledge this fact by calling her Mrs. Rightwood. So listen, if Rightwood says she’s going to be fine, then she will be. End of story.

But I bet she’d still like to know that you have her back. Send some positive energy her way. It would mean more to her (and me) than you’ll ever know.

16 thoughts on “Calling All Thoughts, Prayers and Other Niceties

  1. Hi Beautiful Tanya,

    I am sitting at my computer correcting the last of the day’s papers. I am sad to get your post, but I laughed at the apt descriptions of your mom. She is a fighter, and a lovely, funny, tough one at that. I am sending thoughts and prayers, a little bit of everything, her and your way.

  2. My darling Tanya, I love you so much. Thank you for calling up the support troupes. We will get through this and reconvene on Hope Street triumphant. I have no doubt. Love Mom

    1. Sweet Tanya,

      I have an army of sisters and brothers praying for your mom. And if that isn’t enough I’ll call on more. You be strong and know that you’ve got a world
      of support.



  3. Dear Tanya and Mrs. Underwood (if you’re reading),

    I am so sad to hear this awful news. BUT, as history shows, your mom is a fighter and up for the challenge. As you know, Mr. Cancer and I are on very, very bad terms. I have your back. Whatever you need. Prayers and positive thoughts and energy are already coming your way. With this horrible diagnosis coming in October, you’ve got the positive thoughts of millions of other patients, survivors, family, and friends. I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. I know that my Dad wouldn’t have lived two years with his diagnosis without it. Speaking of him, I pray to him each night so will definitely request some extra super duper angelic influence.

    Praying for the “local” diagnosis, and when it comes, wishing you a healthy and fast treatment and recovery.

    Seriously, T, WHATEVER you need. Love you.

  4. Sending positive thoughts, energy, strength and prayers to you and your Mom, Tanya. While this news is bad, it sounds like she is up for taking on whatever comes her way.

  5. Prayers and positive energy are coming your way. It sounds like your mom is not afraid to take on and overcome a challenge – must be where YOU get it! Peace and grace to you both….

  6. Man, I hate that Mr. Cancer! I’ve been there, Tanya, so I know that the road ahead could be bumpy for both you and your mom. But both of you have such an amazing attitude and the tenacity to handle whatever comes your way. Is that a family trait, by the way?:) Sending love and prayers.

  7. I have upped my prayer ante for you! Adding your mom was easy, beautiful, and will be continued indefinitely. I am particularly visualizing “containment” as well as healing. So much love to you and yours.

  8. will send out prayers and hope during what I know is a difficult time (I lost my dad to cancer years ago). Here’s to fighting the good fight and supporting each other through it all. Take care of yourself and know that positive energy and thoughts are flooding your way.

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